So, interesting story: Sony and NBC fire Dan Harmon from the show he created. Harmon then sells an animated pilot to Adult Swim. Then Harmon got a deal to write a multi-camera sitcom pilot for Fox. And now, Harmon has another deal to write another sitcom for CBS. Next logical move: sitcoms for outer space. Obviously. (via Deadline)

3 Responses to “Dan Harmon scores yet another sitcom deal, this time at CBS”

  1. lavardera says:

    Hey, SoNyBC. Told you so.

  2. Donald Petersen says:

    Movin’ on up. ┬áNBC ain’t nowhere near the place it was when I worked on Will & Grace.

  3. James Churchill says:

    Of course. He’s Dan Harmon, and he shits gold.

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