Possible spoilers: What NYC landmark might be making a creepy cameo on Doctor Who?


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  1. Ian Wood says:

    Who you gonna call?

  2. Donald Petersen says:

    That’s not quite “after the jump.”  But that’s okay; I’m not a Who-head.  Or whatever you call fans of the Dr.

    • akbar56 says:

      that would be ‘Whovian’

      • Donald Petersen says:

        Ah.  Thank you.  Now I wonder if they live in Whovervilles.

        Someone once explained to me the difference between “Sherlockians” and “Holmesians” but I’ll be damned if I can remember the distinction now.

        • TooGoodToCheck says:

          I imagine the biggest difference would be that Sherlockians never have to worry that people will assume that they are unreasonably enthusiastic fans of HGTV’s Mike Holmes.

    • chgoliz says:

      You really need to work on that.  Start with the current run (Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant to Matt Smith) rather than the original 1960′s and 70′s episodes, since you’ve gotten the late start.  You’ll catch up quickly enough.

      • Donald Petersen says:

        I’ve gotten such recommendations every now and then since high school.  I can’t imagine going all the way back to the early ones (I’m in my forties with two kids and a time-consuming job; I’m neither in the Howard families nor remotely idle, so I really have to ration my time and attention), but I fear if I enjoy the new ones enough I’ll feel the completist urge and the wheels will fall off completely.  I still remember the feeling when I had to go cold-turkey with the Star Wars books once I computed the cost/benefit analysis of staying abreast.  Don’t wanna go through that again.

  3. Christopher says:

    No other villain or monster in Doctor Who has ever scared me nearly as much as the Weeping Angels. Even in “Blink”, where what they did to people was relatively benign they were terrifying. Even with all the Ghostbusters 2 references there’s still something pretty scary about a Weeping Angel that big.

    In other good Who news, though, I’ve been reading rumors that the Ice Warriors might be back in 2013. Here’s hoping we get to see that proud and noble race once again.

    • Tribune says:

      Wouldn’t it be a bit difficult not to be observed as a 305 foot statue. I would think such enormous size would be a liability for a weeping angel.

      • Hanglyman says:

         Plus the fact that it’s hollow and you can explore the inside just raises a whole lot of questions. Are the other Weeping Angels potentially hollow too? Does observing it from the inside have the same effect as from the outside? Also looking forward to the explanation for how a massive, famous, constantly-observed human-built structure was replaced by an alien.

      • chgoliz says:

        But facing the largest metropolis in the US means there is never a moment when someone isn’t staring at her.  Sneaky stuff, Moffitt.

    • penguinchris says:

      “Blink” is perhaps my favorite TV episode, of any show, ever. However, I didn’t find the subsequent appearances of the weeping angels to be particularly scary. They were off to a good start the second time they showed up, but then they showed them actually moving (not when the characters were looking, just the camera). That isn’t scary, and defeats the entire purpose!

      Thankfully, they have shown constraint and didn’t ruin them by using them all the time. The other regular Doctor Who monsters you can’t really ruin by overusing them, but the weeping angels need to be used sparingly to remain effective.

  4. FYI – The image looks to be a ‘shopped version of the artwork for Tackhead’s classic “Friendly As A Hand Grenade” album. See: 

  5. ahecht says:

    Hmm, when would there ever be no one looking at the Statue of Liberty…?

    • angusm says:

      That’s the point. You thought they organized all those boat tours and visits to Liberty Island just for the benefit of the tourists? No, the whole idea is to ensure that there’s always someone watching it.

      It’s not an accident that the Statue was moved from Paris to New York, “the city that never sleeps”. Can’t take any chances with a Weeping Angel that big …

      • Jonathan Roberts says:

        Those sneaky French though, right? Talk about Greeks bearing gifts… Incidentally, are the replicas in Paris also weeping angels? 

  6. Spoilers much? Cheesey pete, man.

  7. IMHO, killing off the Ponds is a stilly idea – yet typical of British television. If Moffat was an American, they’d be exiting into their own spin-off series.

    • Supernumerary says:

      I don’t know re: spin-offs. Without even touching on Torchwood, there was The Sarah Jane Adventures, and that pitch RTD made to give Rose her own program.

    • Tynam says:

      The Ponds are actually among the more long-serving companions (if you count in stories and series; changes in TV since then mean nobody’s ever going to match some of the earlier companions for episode count!)  Unless you count the Brigadier, almost nobody’s ever survived as a companion for more than three series without being written out *somehow*.  (The only exceptions are Sarah Jane and Tegan, as far as I can recall, and they were still only regulars for about three years.)

      Not saying part of me doesn’t want to see those two crazy kids retire happy.  (But then, part of me would have killed Amy last series, and had Rory emerge as the villain behind the Silence as a result.  Part of me is not nice.)

  8. Nick Harvey says:

    IIRC, River Song has seen The Doctor’s (final) death, and her reaction when Amy (I think) asked about it was something like “I don’t fear The Doctor’s death and neither should you. There’s a much worse day coming for all of us”. Since River is going backward relative to The Doctor (and the Ponds?) the version of her that we know has presumably already experienced this episode. If the Ponds are killed off, I’m thinking this is what she was talking about.

  9. Considering that the source article is a British tabloid, I’m taking the story with a fair bit of salt.

  10. A J says:

     Please – if this was supposed to be ‘after the jump’ then make it after the jump and requires clicking through.  Right now, it’s all on the front page, ready to look at.

    I’d heard of the images (and the concept has been around for ages now) but others may not be quite as aware.

  11. Manny says:

    But the Statue of Liberty is made of metal and the Weeping Angels are of stone.

  12. Pink Frankenstein says:

    The potential spoiler is right there, there is no jump as promised in the first paragraph.

  13. redrobot25 says:

    It makes me really mad that you just spoiled what would have been a really cool reveal in a show i really like.  You did not have a break, and the image gave everything away as i scrolled down. This is the second major spoiler i have seen on BB this week, and it’s really pretty crappy.

  14. David Trotsky says:

    As I’ve always said, Never Trust The French

  15. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Sounds great, Look forward to seeing Baker. 

  16. Gar Lipow says:

    I’m betting these are foilers.  Or else the Daily Star outright made them up. Actually I hope the first is true, because I don’t think any episode dealing with Weeping Angels will ever be as scary as blink, so  why not make the final weeping angel ep funy-scary and over the top?

  17. Chentzilla says:

    I guessed right without looking.

    And, Jamie, you post cool things, you just have to know when to stop writing. Are you paid per word? A picture and nothing more after the jump would be enough.

  18. McGreens says:

    Seventh season?

  19. urpBurp says:

    Love me some Dr Who!

    A couple questions though… don’t all weeping angels have wings? Hence the “angels” part. If Liberty was a weeping angel, where are her wings?  Also since any picture/recorded image of a weeping angel becomes a weeping angel, what about all those millions of images of the Statue of Liberty that are out there… or is that where the other weeping angels came from in the first place? Maybe Liberty is the Weeping Angel Overlord!

    …Sorry, I guess I still have some residual MN Convergence vibes bouncing around in me. :)

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