Exit the Dogg, enter the Lion

Evidently rap-star and all around interesting guy Snoop Dogg is no more. Meet Snoop Lion! "I feel like I've always been Rastafarian," Snoop said and also informs us that he is "Bob Marley reincarnated." (ABC)


  1. Whats the over/under on how long until he changes his name to the “Snoopp formerly known as XXX” or some sort of ripped off symbol.

  2. Sounds like Snoop Lion has a new album coming out. And then another album after that featuring the return of Snoop Dogg.

  3. ’cause everything is fine when your listening to the L-I-O-N, I got the cultivating music that be captivating men.

  4. I find the notion of a liberation-oriented religion that worships an emperor rather odd; but hardly the strangest theology to have ever hit the streets…

    1.  I was going to say, “He seems to be dealing with his recent customs snafu in a healthy way.”

    2. Haile Salassie stood up to the Italians and Fascists in the 30s. He publicly, and rightfully, shamed the UN and the Western Powers for their policy of appeasement in Europe, Africa and Manchuria that led to the decimation of Europe in the 40s.

      He pointed out quite clearly that the Western Powers were failing to live up to the grand philosophies they espoused at Versailles in the wake of “The War to End All War,” particularly the ideas of self-determination and democracy for all small nations. Hmm, I’ve heard that recently, but I just can’t remember quite where or in what context..He was a strong and insightful leader who predicted the eventual break-out of WWII as a result of  hypocrisy and self-interest on the part of finance, industry and their political shills.Naturally, at a time when colonized powers were struggling to gain independence, and while black Americans were living under Jim Crow and appallingly harsh institutionalized racism*, he became a symbol of independence and self-determination for those suffering under unspeakable oppression. 

      * I’m sure most BB readers have read “Black Boy,” by Richard Wright and “Invisible Man,” by Ralph Ellison. If not, they’re fundamental texts and a place to start learning about the absolutely hideous reality that non-white folks were up against in order to simply survive.

  5. Never mind that he was born 10 years before Bob Marley died. There’s a new reincarnation concept for you.

    1. The idea of reincarnation is irrational enough that I think that sort of detail is kind of irrelevant.  It’s kind of like watching Avengers and being annoyed about the fact that Thor’s hammer doesn’t seem to obey Newton’s laws.

    2. Not new at all.  The idea of overlap has been around for a long time.  Since reincarnation is generally grounded in a belief system that says that the material universe is an illusion, there’s no reason that consciousness has to adhere to linear time constraints.

  6. I love this guy.  Pretty sure he’s totally aware of how ridiculous this is.   And that it’s gonna get people talking about him. 

    http://youtu.be/Y1PVmANeyAg  <– Sexual Seduction/Eruption

    Hilarious in every way, and obviously a parody.

    http://youtu.be/J8tODhvb47s  <– His ode to True Blood's Sookie.

    I mean come on, this guy totally embraces his cheese, and he does it with style.

    1. The fact that people think he’s being serious (and not just being goofy while also making a buck) are hilarious.  My irony meter is beeping.  lol

    2. Yeah, there are two options here: a) you’re being fooled, and he’s joking as marilove said, or b) he’s actually taking part in black liberation theology as an intelligent, educated black man, and you’re calling it a fault of scary, harmful drug abuse on his poor, misguided brain. Take your pick.

      Would you have said the same thing about Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) and his drug use?

      1. He may even be doing a bit of both.  This man is NOT stupid.  He’s 40 and yet managed to continue to stay relevant his *entire* career (there has been no “come back” as he’s never gone away).  He’s a living legend. He’s rich as BALLS.  Most other entertainers would have faded years ago, but he hasn’t.  We’re still talking about him!  All the time!  Even his arrests for pot and stuff help keep him relevant (a fact I’m sure he’s aware of).  

        He’s a goofy stoner child and he’ll always be that, yes, but he’s also pretty entertaining, and like I said, not stupid.  He’s embraced the Internet generation and has used it to his advantage (by being utterly ridiculous most of the time in a clever, interesting way — I sincerely love Sexual Seduction and its hilariously cheesy video — it’s so Monty Python at its heart!).

        Also, the youth football league he created for at-risk youth is pretty cool.

        He’s also a pretty talented rapper, song-writer, and producer, on top of all that.

        Plus, I bet he gets some REALLY good weed.

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