A Tumblog of Greatness: OMGCATSINSPACE.

(thanks, @sbethm)


  1. I’ve often thought of launching my cat into space…  But now that I think about it, he’d probably just go “meh, where’s my food?”.  

  2. Aaand some blinking text!

    Edit: Was meant to to go below bcsizemo’s post but Disqus appended it to the list after I logged in.

  3. Fire, Kill it with Fire!!!!

    Geh *shudders* flashbacks to far too many over-gif’d webpages in the 90s

  4. Holy catgifs batman! Just how many images are there on that site? It’s over 500. Are they machine generated? Is there a legion of people out there who make cat-on-hubble pics? Was it a project on Amazon Mechanical Turk?

  5. NSFAspies. Too many Blinkinglights.  Giff hell.  I second the proposal to kill it with fire. Or by any means necessary. 

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