Jackson Publick announces an hour-long Venture Bros. Season 5 premiere

In a wrap-up interview following Comic Con, co-creator of Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. Jackson Publick revealed two things: the previously announced Halloween special will be a regular part of the fifth season and not a stand-alone special, and the fall premiere for that season will be one glorious, Venture-filled hour long. Seasons five and six will also be bridged by an hour-long special. That is so much Venture, spaced out over a span of months, like a fantastic pagan celebration! If we could just get a premiere date... (via The Mantis-Eye Experiment)


  1. This pleases me immensely, though a part of me wonders where they’ll go with this season.  the Season 4 finale was so pitch-perfect, I kind of wish they had gotten cancelled after that.

    I’d be perfectly satisfied if they toned down the Sgt Hatred focus a bit, though. There’s only so many episodes about a semi-reformed pedophile that I can take!

    1. The finale would have been a good one if not for Dean — everybody else’s character arc reached a really nice conclusion, but Dean was really a prick in that last one, and he deserves some closure.

      That aside, that finale would have been a great place to end — but I also think this universe is ripe enough that it can go on forever, even without any of the original principals.  (That said, Hank and Dean are more interesting now than they’ve ever been and I hope we keep the lens on them for awhile.)

  2. If he thinks he is forgiven for making me wait almost two years for a new Venture Bros. season, he is sadly, sadly mistaken.  I promise that I will harbor the most caustic bitterness imaginable towards him as I watch and re-watch the episodes of the new season.

  3. Lets also keep in mind that the Halloween special will be taking place chronologically after the season premier (which we won’t see until 2013.)  So expect a bit of confusion after the state we were left at the end of last season (but Jackson promised it is done on purpose and will be cool)

    1. Well, it won’t be the first time.  Remember the Christmas special that aired after the title characters got killed off in the season 1 finale?

  4. the previously announced Halloween special will be a regular part of the fifth season and not a stand-alone special

    Well, kinda; how I read it is that it WILL run standalone and prior to the 2013 season, but that it’s being produced as a regular episode and part of the 10 ordered for season 5.

    From the interview it sounds like the Halloween special will air this year, the premiere will air sometime next year, and the Halloween show, in show chronology, takes place somewhere in the middle of the premiere.

  5. No! This is Star! We’re going to have a child… *Tranqs out*

    it took me a couple of views to realize it was Brock who tranqed the Doc, not Star. If I recall correctly, the hand lacked knuckle hair which threw me off

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