Lithuania denied entry to a Belarussian man who turned up in a Porsche painted with the Soviet flag, replete with hammer and sickle: "The border guards suggested the driver leave his car behind and enter Lithuania by foot or by bus, which he refused to do." [Reuters]

14 Responses to “Communist Porsche turned away at Lithuanian border”

  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Unfortunately, because of traffic, the driver of the stars-and-stripes painted Yugo was separated from his compatriot, spoiling the intended effect…

    • Taavet Ropp says:

      Seeing that we’re dealing with Eastern Europe here, the matching set would be completed not with stars-and-stripes, but with a swastika.

      • kraut says:

        I was thinking “on what grounds”? But the article explains that “Lithuania and Hungary are the only two European Union countries to outlaw public displays of Soviet symbols.”

        So fair enough. Try driving into Germany with a swastika on your car and see how far you get ….

      • tnmc says:

        What are you trying to say here? 

      • Moze says:

        Because many Eastern European countries saw Nazies as liberators from Soviets… Because soviets were much worse then Nazis.

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          I guess you’re not Jewish or gay or Roma.

          • Moze says:

            My family were hiding couple jewish children from Nazis. So we all know what Nazis were. But still Soviets were worse and they did the same thing. You guys don’t know how bad Soviets were, western countries closed their eyes on Soviets, because of war against Nazi Germany. Western history does not represent Soviets in true colors. 

  2. Michael Wiik says:

    Maybe he should’ve used the flag of the National Bolshevism party, guaranteed to offend no one. 

  3. autark says:

    Bizarre… I’ve driven through Russia and many former Soviet states, and I just drove through Lithuania last month, it was one of the still most Soviet feeling places I’ve traveled through.

    More likely they wanted him to leave the Porsche behind so they could disappear it while in customs.

  4. sigdrifa says:

    A *Porsche* with a communist flag? Does anyone see the irony? Does this guy know his history?

  5. Martijn says:

    Nothing says “Communist” like an expensive sports car.

  6. Moze says:

    I read comments and it sickens me. Do you guys at least know how much Lithuanians suffered from soviet oppression? And it’s not about communism, it’s about russian soviet regime. All Lithuanians hate everything that is related to it. 

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