Erik Davis on psychedelic poster pioneer Rick Griffin


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  1. Erik Denning says:

    Great article. I got into collecting psychedelic handbills and posters from the sixties for awhile and Griffin’s are among the most beautiful, and expensive. I was fortunate enough to get a flying eyeball Hendrix poster before collecting those things became too ridiculously expensive for me.  

  2. latelatelateshow says:

    There was a nice Rick Griffin retrospective at the Laguna Beach Museum of Art a few years ago. Fantastic to see Griffin’s art in its full-blown glory. The catalog is worth tracking down

  3. Preston Sturges says:

    Omo Bob! Oxo Moxo! Alpha!  Omega!

  4. clairepants says:

    Could you put a NSFW tag on the first link (I didn’t look at the second)?  I was expecting just some psychedelic art but there’s a photo with a naked lady part-way down the page.  I don’t mind it, but my boss might!

  5. devophill says:

    What is this “near the knob of Palos Verdes” BS? Did he grow up in Palos Verdes or not? Or are people allergic to saying San Pedro for some reason? Or Redondo Beach?

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