"RIP Al Gore"

Dan Munz and Alex Balk spotted that people on Twitter are unaware of the separation of Gores.


  1. Thankfully due to total global saturation of communications, we can all see/hear/read every stupid thought on everyones mind (people on boingboing get/are forced to read mine after all).

    Before, if two idiots thought something wrong or stupid was true and were standing alone in a corn field in Iowa, that thought would not be presented potentially to the entire world.

    Now all thoughts good, bad, stupid, wonderful etc. are shared (pretty much equally) and expanded upon then repeated…  it makes for good “look at these idiots”… but all of it is using up bandwith/energy.

    1. But it does have a useful side – We now have a more accurate, quantifiable idea of just how MANY idiots there are out there.

      1. Think of how stupid the average person is.  Then remember that half the population are more stupid than that.  (George Carlin)

    1. Indeed, death-announcing threads on Fark are constanly filled with postings and pictures of people with similar names or who look similar or who sometimes have nothing at all to do with the decedent.

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