Today, Dan Aykroyd says that Bill Murray is not involved with Ghostbusters 3

We interrupt your web surfing for a brief update on the Ghostbusters 3-Bill Murray Involvement Saga: In a recent interview with Metro, Dan Aykroyd stated that Bill Murray "won't be involved" in the movie, even though such a development is "sad." Stay tuned for Bill Murray's inevitable contradictory statement. This has been a public service announcement. (via Huffington Post)


  1. So they’ll all be avenging Bill’s dead character?  Or maybe just make a 3D monster out of Bill and make his character turn evil and they kill him in GB3?

    1. Years ago, Bill joked that the only way he’d do GB3 is if he got killed in the first reel and spent the rest of the film as a ghost. So yeah, that scenario is disturbingly plausible.

  2. The sequel saga will continue until Dan Ackroyd passes away.

    And then we’ll gear up for  a franchise reboot saga instead.

    Honestly – they just remade “Total Recall”.  A movie that is younger than Ghostbusters and is younger than Ghostbusters II.  Only contractual obligations signed back in the 80s have prevented a remake of the original movie from hitting theaters already.

  3. Bill has made me what I am today. Loved Lost In Translation, epic dry wit at the edge of nonsense. Groundhog day, great. He did the voice of Garfield the snarky cat. The list goes on… . Personally, I might be one of the few persons in the Free World (lots in the Unfree World never seen it either) who has never watched any GhostBuster movie. If he did appear in G.B.’s 3 I probly won’t view it even if it was $1.50 at a yard sale.

      1. I have always enjoyed his first attempt at drama, the somewhat critically panned: The Razor’s Edge. 

        1. I was a kid when RE came out and was completely confused. I wanted MOAR FUNNY VOICE. Still mean to watch it again as an adult though, at some point.

      1. Murray did it for the movie, Music did it for the TV cartoon.

        True story: Lorenzo auditioned to do the voice for Murray’s character in “The Real Ghostbusters” TV series back in the ’80s but Murray had him recast because he thought his character sounded too much like Garfield.

        1.  Music had passed away long before the Garfield movie was made. Had he been alive, there’s every reason to believe he would have voiced the movie as well.

          1. Either that, or Music would have every reason to believe that Murray just had it in for him.

      1. “That’s the lost souls room; a room for ghosts that have been exorcised. The poor devils. That’s death for the dead. It’s all in the handbook.”

        1. Harry Dresden movie?  VERY YES PLEASE!

          Can we clone/hybridize (and age to a perfect resemblance of Dresden) Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum for that role, please?

          1. I thought that the gentleman who played him in the television series captured him quite well, although everything else about the series was horribly wrong.

  4. Dan Akroyd and sequels … if Ghost Busters 3 will be to Ghost Busters 2 what Blues Brothers 2000 was to its predesessor …. what will it be to the original Ghost Busters, and why on Earth doesn’t anyone tell him?

    Please, Dan, you do not have to do this!

  5. Bill Murray must feel as strongly that this is a bad idea as most of the internet does if he’s willing to sacrifice what could be a lucrative payday.  No points, no merchandising cut, and since he was not a credited writer or producer of the first two films he’s not entitled to royalties for any contributions he made. 
    So there won’t be any money… but when he dies, he will receive total consciousness.  So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

  6. Doesn’t Aykroyd have some overpriced skull-vodka to push, or something?  

    Can’t recall anything he’s been in since the 80’s that wasn’t disappointing or just plain embarrassing.  Two words: Yogi Bear.

    1. Sneakers is from 1992 and Aykroyd is pretty good in it; his cameo in Canadian Bacon (1995) is great too.

      But… yeah, since then, nothing notable :)

      1. I can’t believe that you failed to mention his ground-breaking work in the critically acclaimed Exit to Eden.

        1. I’m not sure if I should thank you for introducing me to the existence of that movie or not…

          1. Hey, I saw it in the theater. If you didn’t catch all the nuances, it’s based on an erotic novel written pseudonymously by vampire queen Anne Rice. If you haven’t read many of Ms. Rice’s books, well, blessed are the innocent.

  7. When an actress was cast in a role in a recent popular film, many people suspected she was cast as a particular character.  The actress and the director firmly squelched the rumor multiple times, denying it thoroughly.  Those denials would later prove to be a lie, but said lie was done so not as to spoil the audience.  Perhaps that’s at play here.

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