A be-mulletted Eric Bana has some very useful advice for aspiring Olympic athletes

Before he played Nero the evil Romulan, the Hulk, and other dramatic roles in gut-wrenching movies like Munich and Black Hawk Down, Eric Bana put on silly wigs and did impressions as part of his actual, full-fledged comedy career. The only time he's come close to doing a comedy film was Funny People, which is only about comedy. We have yet to see Bana show off his chops, but in the meantime, we have this sketch from the Australian show he was on in the '90s, Full Frontal. It's even Olympic-themed! "Horsey!"

Happy Banaversary [The Hairpin]


  1. He was hilarious in Chopper. Well, apart from all the killing and maiming and being a general sociopath that is.

    1. Chopper on the Winter Olympics…:

      /thanks for the reminder, I wasted an hour going through all of ’em again.
      //NSFW, natch.

    2. Funny – all I can remember is the speed scene, and now I’m wondering what it would sound like with “Yakety Sax”.

      1. Just in case the real chopper is reading this, I want to be clear that I think the character of ‘chopper’, as portrayed by Eric Bana, is a general sociopath ;)

        1. I’ve been very careful in my review of Chopper on several film sites to point out what a lovely gentleman the real life Mark Read is. And I live in the US.

  2. You’ve never seen The Castle then. One of my all-time favorite movies, and definitely a comedy. I couldn’t watch Star Trek without thinking of Nero explaining about how your hair gets dehydrated during airplane flights. “It loses its moisture.”

  3. Holy crap, I spent a year in Sydney back in ’98 and used to watch that show from time to time. I bet I saw him do that goofy act a dozen times but never made the connection to his later work.

  4. The Castle is a great slice of Australian life. Eric has another great line in it, where his character is amazed at a foreign TV channel, “kickboxing 24 hours a day!!!!”

  5. I was quite young when Full Frontal was on, and I only remember watching it as it phased into Fast Forward. Good times.

    Can’t remember much of the gags, but the Ray Martin impression that Eric did seems to stick with me the most.

        1. From the IMDB page:

          The humour may be lost on non-Australians and maybe even on those Australians who haven’t spent much time outside of inner Sydney or Melbourne.

          Does that apply?

  6. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y111/Kimmo666/forum%20pics/Poidaswoit.jpg

    It’d be fucken swoit if Bana won an Oscar and accepted it as Poida… that’d be such a cool shout-out to Aussies : )

    Folks seem to think he didn’t do much apart from comedy before films – eg these two blog entries: Dool, Ustralian (have a squiz at the first vid at the second one) – but since I watched ABC, I was more familiar with his acting than his comedy; he had a long stint in a (quite good) soapie called Something in the Air.

    While watching that, I realised, this dude can really act.

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