Nokia Lumia nail polish


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  1. giantasterisk says:

    A marketing breakthrough!

  2. mobobo says:

    it is a little beauty – and the OS is SO refreshing after years of the beautiful iPhone OS being ripped by everybody and their uncle…but until they can sort shite like this oot they are totally fecked.

  3. nixiebunny says:

    Were you eyeing the pink model? After all, it has matching nail polish. 

  4. Chuck says:

    Not so fast.  Apple holds the patent on that shade of pink.  Expect court action.

  5. Boundegar says:

    The nail polish does not match the phone, this does not work for me.

    • jackrabbitslim says:

      Yeah, the phone’s case has a lot more orange in it. I’d go so far as to call it coral, whereas the polish is more your general purpose princess and Pepto pink.

  6. Crashproof says:

    Lumia is “prostitute” in Spanish, or so I’ve heard.

    Just throwing that out there.

  7. Daneel says:

    I wish Nokia would just let us buy N9 Pink, instead of fobbing us off with Lumia Pink. Why won’t they just let us buy what we want?

  8. orangedesperado says:

    Well obviously with all that pink — plus the bonus of almost matching nail polish — this product is for WOMEN. Because women don’t actually keep up to date on technology or functionality, right ?(sarcasm) It’s PINK ! When does the 0.0005% donation towards breast cancer research get tied into this brilliant marketing scheme ? Maybe if they included a free DIY swarovski bejewelling kit that could really reach the target market, right ? Right ?

    • My girlfriend bought her phone because it’s purple and has a menstrual calendar on it.  Twice.

      Just saying.

      • blueelm says:

        Actually the menstrual calendar thing sounds great. But I have to wonder how it could possibly differ from a regular calendar, and why would you want a separate calendar for that?

        I want to be able to speak to my calendar, actually. “August 15-16 travel to xyz remind me on August 14 at 10 am”  or “Remind me that I have to take my car to be serviced on September 23 at 6 PM” 

  9. IronEdithKidd says:

    Because pink nail polish improves all technology? 

    This woman will be keeping her black iphone.

  10. Jack Kieffer says:

    I still can’t get over the design of the Nokia Lumia – it looks so slick, and the vibrant colors really bring it to life!

  11. Matthew Duncan says:

    So you went with the iPhone with screen resolution beign a deciding factor?  “Retina” display is little more than a marketing ploy.  By Apples definition every screen ever made is a “retina” display, if viewed from the proper distance.  You have chosen, poorly. 

  12. Nash Rambler says:

    I bought the Nokia Lumia 900, and I’m pleased so far, but I’m prejudiced: I had never owned a smartphone before (after limping along with a 6-year old flip phone).  So far, I’m finding it easy to use, and the Windows features are pretty seamless.  There are some hand-wringers; you can load Google, but Bing is your default search engine.  Forever.  There are many apps which I would like to have but are only available in iPhone/Galaxy flavors.  Oh, and Google maps is neatly blockified, but you can sign up to AT&T’s navigation service for the low low price of $10 per month.

    The upside is that it works, isn’t intimidating, and the display is large enough for me to type things out with my giant, sausage-like fingers.  The price was right (nearly free after rebates), and the battery life is decent for a display this size.  So, I’m happy, but with only a minor twinge in wondering if I should’ve gone with a Galaxy Nexus.

    As for the pink thing?  Eh, I agree, sounds like a cheap scheme to target a non-nerd demographic.

  13. Mark Dow says:

    Am I imagining the hand zombification is progressing? She should call a vDoctor about that.

  14. blueelm says:

    I like the polish better than the phone, but you’d think they would go for an edgier color. Also the “I’d like a nail-polish-pink phone” crowd seems better served by cutesy designer and hello kitty crystal encrusted iPhone cases currently.

  15. Ipo says:

    ” Someone had Homered it.”

    Can’t quite decide. 
    Epic, cartoonish or sportive. 

  16. I love how the alt-text for the main image is ‘asfasfasfasfasfas’.  I guess the visually impaired don’t need to know about the pretty phone and its matching nail polish. ;)

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