Petition to make the TSA obey a court order and hold hearings on pornoscanners


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  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Shouldn’t we be petitioning the court to jail them for contempt?

    • Jake0748 says:

       You can’t petition courts, they don’t work that way.  Silly Goose.

      • lafave says:

         just in case you aren’t being sarcastic:

        3. Law a. A formal written application requesting a court for a specific judicial action: a petition for appeal.b. The judicial action asked for in any such request.

    • Boundegar says:

       It is hard to put an entire government agency behind bars.

      I’m just waiting for next year’s headline – the petition to require the TSA to obey the court order ordering them to obey the court order ordering them to obey the court order…

  2. Gerald Mander says:

    WTF? I have to have an account — with, fer cryin out loud — and log in to sign the petition?

    • Jake0748 says:

      I know… fuck.  I even TRIED to make an account with the site. But their captchas were SO unreadable, after about 7 tries, I gave up.  PLUS – once you sign up on the how long does that last?  Is it still there with all your info when Mitt (or whoever the next nightmare is) comes in to power?

      • Gerald Mander says:

         Mitt, hell — the Obama administration has been the worst for intellectual property and electronic surveillance in living memory. I voted for the guy, but he’s so obviously in the pocket of Big Media and the telecoms that it’s sickening.

  3. corydodt says:

    Fuck the petition, write to Henderson, Tatel and Ginsburg who issued the order. (BE NICE! THEY’RE ON YOUR SIDE.)

    Judges don’t like it when their orders are ignored. They start to do pissy things, like send in federal law enforcement. Maybe these judges just need to be reminded that their order is not being obeyed.

  4. corydodt says:

    Ah, the TSA technically has until the end of the month. I expect they will comply at 11:59 on August 30, and the judges will be there with their phones in their hands in case they do not.

  5. James Hardy says:

    What is the worst punitive sanction a court can apply to an organisation. I mean if I ignore a court order for a year, they jail me. But what can the court do to the TSA? Issue a strongly worded memo?

    • EvilTerran says:

      I’d imagine they could order the confiscation of the equipment that is being used illegally.

      • Lemoutan says:

         Ooh. I’d watch that on the telly.

        But, seriously? The owners of security theatre are required to ask for input? That’s just weird. Surely that would undermine the whole point of frightening children with bogey men?

  6. glatt1 says:

    Call me a cowardly cynic, but I imagine someone in the TSA taking all the names on the petition and simply adding them to the Do Not Fly list.  Not a damn thing stopping them from doing that, other than their sense of telling right from wrong.

  7. Teller says:

    And now TSA is about to get unionized. That’ll be another layer to deal with. 

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