What do you get when you have 6.022×10^23 moles?


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  1. Kevin Pierce says:

    I need to better understand how just this morning, while looking at a periodic table I start thinking about the Avogadro constant, and now I am seeing this on BoingBoing.   

    How do I harness this sort of coincidence?   
    Can I make money from it?

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    The mole planet, aka ‘Metamole Prime’

  3. EH says:

    I forget the setup, but the punchline is “I’ve a-gotta row!”

  4. Mitchell Glaser says:

    How much mole can a mole of moles eat?

  5. Mike Norman says:

    One issue with this analysis is that it neglects what happens when you lower a mole of moles into the gravitational potential well created by, on average, half a mole of moles.

    Contrary to the article, the temperature will definitely be high enough to turn them into oil. If, that is, it’s low enough to not turn them into plasma, first.

  6. angusm says:

    If you pack them in tightly enough, they could collapse into a black mole.

  7. Sam Piip says:

    He did that last week, the new one is about the robot apocalypse that isn’t. Be careful, your fanboyism is showing.

  8. Nathan says:

    I think we’ve just found the origin of Sagan’s Meat Planet: http://youtu.be/ZP7K9SycELA

  9. renke says:

    Cory, this is getting boring – by now everyone should be aware of What If…

    In an unrelated note: In German a Mole (the unit) is called Mol and MOL is the Hungarian abbreviation of Magyar Országos Levéltár, the national archive. So a Mol of MOLs could be the unit for LoCs on stereoids :)

  10. Jeffrey J. Hoover says:

    Now I really want to see this done by ViHart. There needs to be collaboration here.

    •  I have a brain crush on her. Does she talk that fast in real life? Some people think she uses some type of digital compression, but I think she just drank a tiny amound of that Slkalosian water from Star Trek.

  11. The scientist in me compels me to tell you that moles are not rodents, as in they don’t belong to the order rodentia. Moles just to be grouped in an order called insectivora. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insectivora
    But now we know that it was a poliphyletic group (meaning that not all member of the group where closely related). north american moles and other small mammals are now grouped in the order soricomorpha http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soricomorpha but other moles , like golden moles belong to the order Chrysochloridea. which is distantly related to the other moles.

  12. RedShirt77 says:

     I was wondering how much heat a mole of moles would produce from its gravity well.  I wouidn’t think the bacteria would be much of an issue.

  13. avraamov says:

    this reminds me of that well known astrophysics problem – the ‘cubic light year of cheese vs the sun energy comparison’


    • Jerril says:

      And THAT reminds me of the “Can of ravioli vs star destroyer” thought experiment, illustrating near-C collisions for The Rest Of Us.

      Here, it’s archived at MIT but it originally appeared on the GURPSNet mailing list. Sadly the archives for this period on GURPSNet are dead, due to IIRC a server crash. Or possibly that time the Secret Service stole the servers.

  14. timquinn says:

    “mole”, spanish for “sauce” 

    Waiter, I would like a mole of mole mole please.

    OK, would you like avogadros on it? 

  15. Boundegar says:

    This planetoid of decomposing rodents is one of those ideas that really should not be followed to its conclusion.  Please.

  16. Rich Keller says:

    I just realized that if you used anchovies and sardines instead of moles, you could eventually drill for garum.

  17. darrrrrrn says:

    I made a video of Carl Sagan investigating the science behind a Meat Planet a little while back:  http://youtu.be/ZP7K9SycELA

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