And now, we pause for a Moment of Kitten (video)

[Video Link]. Him widdle names is Pancake. He is a foster kitten, snuggling up in this video with a doggie.


      1.  What a sweet dog — he could clearly chomp the kitten in half (and mimes doing so in the first video, at 0.47) but just wants to play…

        Also, that’s a very young kitten – she still has her “baby blue” eyes…

  1. It’s kind of funny how little kittens (and plenty of puppies, too) can’t get their eyes going the same direction until after a couple of weeks of practice. Do human newborns do that, too? I don’t have any kids of my own, and have never been around an infant younger than a month or two.

    1. Absolutely. Newborns can be cross-eyed or wall-eyed. Since at this age they can’t even figure out how to move any of their other muscles, it makes sense that this one would take them some time to figure out as well, especially as they haven’t had as much practice with it in utero as others.

    2. Yes. They do. It’s perfectly normal during the first few months, but should get rarer as they get older. Should be gone with six months or so, normally.

  2. I would just like to clarify for UK readers that ‘widdle’ is USian for ‘ickle’.

  3. “Hey!  This tastes just like… OW!  WTF?  Like I was saying… nom nom OW!!!  What the hell…???”

  4. This is disgusting.  It’s unnatural.  It’s worse than same-sex marriage.  If God meant for cats and dogs to live together he would have . . . . .

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