Babelfish: Adafruit's Arduino-based RFID flash-cards for learning language with open source hardware

Phil Torrone sez, "Learn to make a speaking, card-reading toy! The Babel Fish helps you learn to say words and phrases on RFID flash cards by reading the card and playing an associated sound file loaded on an SD card inside. This project is very straightforward and could make a great jumping-off point for your own awesome RFID and Wave Shield project!"

Overview | Babel Fish | Adafruit Learning System


  1. While I find watching and listening to this lady assembling electronics to be quite soothing, I’m a little disturbed by the hard-coding of the RFID codes and filenames…

  2. Respect! I can’t judge the overall project, but well shown and I learned from being able to watch the assembly and hear the explanations. Since LinguPingu has gone offline, this open source app is urgently necessary. (Apparently the charming Swiss Pingu franchise was bought by an English concern, who swooped in?)

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