Chilling effect spreads, as FBI hunts down national security leaks

"Current and former high-level government officials from multiple agencies" have been interviewed privately by FBI agents in recent weeks, reports the NYT, "casting a distinct chill over press coverage of national security issues." Agencies are turning down routine interview requests, and halting background briefings. The leak hunt is said to be the "most sweeping inquiry into intelligence disclosures in years."


  1. If the people negatively affected by this don’t get it now, short of actually looking down the barrel of law enforcements’ guns, will they ever?

  2. It seems like the law exempts the White House and Congress. It is targeting low level employees.

    So, we’ll still get “intelligence leaks” that are actually government spin. They will just outlaw the few actual leaks that rarely happen.

    I’d be happier if they outlawed the former. Remember all those “leaks” about Iraq’s WMDs? The press should have a much more antagonistic relationship with politicians. Instead they constantly pass along administration positions as ‘intelligence leaks.’

  3. By golly, it almost seems that leaks are unnecessary —  considering the myriad crimes committed and openly boasted by TPTB — and that one need only point a single good eye a few degrees beyond their television to see deep into their festering bureau of corruption.

    For a possible laugh, see:  wikileaks mastercard parody:

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