Drew Barrymore pledges to celebrate life at the end of the world in her second directorial effort

If you could spend the end of the world with anyone from Hollywood, wouldn't Drew Barrymore be a delightful choice? I mean, she's adorable, and she never wants to be a bummer, you guys. That's why she's chosen The End as her second movie as a director (after Whip It), an apocalyptic ensemble movie that doesn't focus on the people trying to survive the catastrophe (dummies!), but the ones who are like "Fuck it," and are celebrating their last day on Earth. Barrymore also has How to be Single and Heist Society on her plate to direct. (via Women and Hollywood)


  1. Sounds like Last Night

    Not that there’s anything wrong with yet another apocalypse movie, whether it’s a tale of survival or surrender. Just thought I’d mention it. :)

    1.  Or Seeking a Friend For The End Of The World with Steve Carrell, which was around about a month ago.

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