Enthralling Books: The Emigrants, by W.G. Sebald


6 Responses to “Enthralling Books: The Emigrants, by W.G. Sebald”

  1. Volker Stewart says:

    Just thinking about the last time I read Sebald makes me giddy.

  2. Gary61 says:

    I love these sorts of stories, and his author’s voice will be missed.

  3. David Billotti says:

    I like how the writer talks about looking for independent book logos finding one from the legendary New Directions, and then at the end sends them to Amazon. Booooooo!

    • TheCarpetMaker says:

       Come now… it’s a boing boing thing and a lot of websites refer to Amazon etc… for a small referral fee, of course. It’s called affiliate marketing.

  4. Rebecca Roush says:

    My husband and I both read this books some years ago and were immediately pulled into it. It kept us enthralled. Lovely, subtle and unique style.

  5. yvgeny says:

    The passage when the narrator reads the newpaper article of how the body of Selwyn’s friend emerges from the glacier after decades is incredibly moving and haunting. Sebald’s death saddened me deeply.

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