Ice-cream ads: words fail me. In a good way.

I know nothing about the quality of the products on offer at Little Baby's Ice Cream in Philadelphia. But their excellent nightmare-fuel advertisements will haunt me in a good way forever. The one above, featuring a person covered in (made of?) ice-cream eating her or his own head while narrator Matthias Bossi reads copy that sounds like the captions on the photos printed on the sleeve inside the original Stop Making Sense album, is awesome enough.

But after the jump, there is an ad that features an endless fractal zoom-out on people made of ice-cream, whose heads have been partially ablated, sitting in ice-cream cones and contemplating eating smaller versions of themselves, forever.

(via JWZ)


  1. Those ads go through the far reaches of anti-advertisement until they actually curve back around to advertisement! A very daring voyage indeed. As ice cream is my favorite food, I now sit here astounded and confused. The perfect start to my weekend!

  2. I sincerely hope this is the most disturbing thing I see this month…since it cannot now be unseen, that has to be my fallback position.

  3. Ugh. Announcer actually says “I eat little babies.. ice cream”.
    That said, interesting elfish skeletal structure, kinda bjorkish / moominlike. But the announcer ruins it.

  4. Somewhere on the internet is a picture of a woman in a cat-like pose covered in marshmallow Fluff and licking it out of the jar. 

    1. I was thinking more of the old Carvel commercials with Cookie Puss and Fudgey The Whale

  5. It’s like where Anthony Hopkins feeds Ray Liotta his own brain in “Hannibal.” 

  6. If I was going to be licked by a giant tongue, I can think of more interesting scenarios. 

  7. Little Baby’s Ice Cream – expensive as balls and worth every penny.  Earl Grey Sriracha and Balsamic Banana are my favorite

  8. One must keeping eating to maintain equilibrium.  The melty bits run away with parts of you.  Curse those sneaky melty bits.

  9. I’m in South Philly and I can vouch for the quality of their ice cream.  Beyond amazing.  The Earl Gray Sriracha is a local favorite, and I’m a big fan of their Banana Balsamic.

  10. Matthias Bossi and his wife, Carla Kihlstedt, are both fantastic musicians, video makers, and all-around artists. A few months ago, they rolled out a web site, Rabbit Rabbit Radio, where they put out a monthly compendium of new work — not just music, but video, stories, graphic art, and whatever else they’ve created with their friends that month.

    Rabbit Rabbit Radio works on a pay-what-you-want basis, from as little as a dollar a month on up. I’ve been a subscriber from the start, and every month has been great.

    I’m a fan (obviously), and I think fellow Boingers would be too. They’re at

    1. Matthias & Carla were also previously members of the superb but completely uncategorizable musical collective Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, which sadly closed up shop early this year. I once saw him vamp for about 5 minutes while Carla replaced a string on her violin, babbling stonefacedly about meeting the last man in the world, Patrick Swayze, & stroking one another’s moustaches. As I’d never heard him speak in concert, it was all the more surreal a moment.

  11. This is the only way advertisers can reach me now; come up with something so weird and cool that someone tells me I’ve gotta see it.

    I like where this is going.

  12. First impression: “This is so freaking creepy.  I’ll never want ice cream again…”

    Second impression: ” That took some serious balls to put this much weirdness out there, especially in America (and not Britain)…”

    Final verdict: “My god they’re geniuses!  I want ice cream!”

  13. Words do not fail me. In a bad way. I’ve worked in advertising for 20 years. These are quite possibly the worst commercials I’ve ever seen — definitely in the top two.

  14. Reminds me of oh-so-many weird and wonderful japanese commercials; even the copy sounds like engrish.

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