Long before CEO's douchey gay marriage comments, some at Chick-fil-A were jerks to workers

In Salon, an article about series of lawsuits against Chick-Fil-A by former employees who claim managers "have wielded their authority over workers in ways that break the law: firing a Muslim for refusing to pray to Jesus; firing a manager so that she’d become a stay at home mom; and punishing workers for objecting to sexual harassment." In one incident, a supervisor is alleged to have phoned immigration authorities to have immigrant workers deported as punishment for complaining about sexual harassment. Kiss 'em goodbye today.


  1. I’ve found that a pretty good way separate the Christians from the creeps is to beware most of the ones who wear their Christianity out where everyone is sure to see it.

    There are lots of good Christians out there; they aren’t advertising it.

    1. ..except for the facts that the creeps in Christianity seem to control most of the churches, do most of the successful political activism, are certainly the loudest, and are amply willing to use their businesses to shove their religion upon everyone who can’t get away from them. At the same time “good Christians” only seem to want to speak up particularly loudly when someone points out the rotten cesspool of their religion.

      Why, if they didn’t even bother speaking up then, you’d barely notice that they were there at all. I guess they just weren’t advertising their existence either.

    2. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

      It’s almost as if these good Christians were actually reading the Bible!  :)

    3. Growing up, I saw a lot of religious programs on television.  My immediate impulse was to change the channel.

      There was one program I liked to watch as a young child, though.  The host was a kind, gentle man who taught by example rather than by demonizing others, and I didn’t realize until adulthood that he was a Presbyterian minister.  I watched his show religiously, and I believe I benefited from it.  It was one of the best programs on television, ever.

      In my opinion, Fred Rogers was a far better Christian, certainly much closer to Jesus in his demeanor, than Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson or any of the other Bible-thumping televangelists of any era.

  2. Any group, when studied individually, will provide any “evidence” necessary to incite an opposing group.  Xeni, you know that correlation does not mean causation.

  3. These examples are horrible, but I’d guess you would find as many in just about any large organization. There is a site somewhere about HR disasters where HR managers describe the things that routinely come across their desks; it is a hilarious nightmare.

  4. …some at Chick-fil-A were jerks to workers

    Surely.  Sticking to chicken franchises only, the same could be said of some at KFC, Popeye’s, Church’s, El Pollo Loco…  Chick-fil-A isn’t a self-contained microcosm, it’s a representative sample.  One can dig up dirt on any organization by scratching the surface, let’s stick to the real story here – Chick-fil-A’s official stance on a certain large, fully-functioning segment of the population.

    1.  The main difference is that this sort of behavior is *ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED* from the top down at Chick-fil-A.  They reward this sort of behavior with promotions and encouraged it at leadership getaways.

      Sure every large chain store has its jerks, you can’t argue that, but only one makes it policy.

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