Machine-stitched monster patches


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  1. Beth Skwarecki says:

    Felt shreds easily – not a good choice for a spot that you know gets a lot of wear and tear. Try canvas or another tough material, even if it means you have to hem the edges (or fuse interfacing to it, etc). 

    • Ed Ligget. Tuba. says:

       You can beef up the strength of felt by painting the wrong side with a layer of similar colored fabric paint.

  2. Little John says:

    Holey jeans?

    Blessed are the patchmakers…

    • malindrome says:

      “What’s so special about the cheesemakers?”
      “Well it’s not meant to be taken literally, it refers to any manufacturer of dairy products.”

  3. Mike Meyer says:

    The only thing keeping me from doing this is that most of my jeans rip out in the crotch.  Though a Dentata patch on your pants would be pretty cool…

  4. niktemadur says:

    Gotta say this is absolutely charming.  But the jeans monster I’d like, looks like a pair of pants, one of Italian painter Enrico Baj’s ultracorpi (ultrabodies).

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