Machine-stitched monster patches

Refashion Co-Op's Resweater shows us a great technique for machine-stitched monster-patches for your holey jeans.

A cute fix for a hole in the knee of jeans (via Craft)


  1. Felt shreds easily – not a good choice for a spot that you know gets a lot of wear and tear. Try canvas or another tough material, even if it means you have to hem the edges (or fuse interfacing to it, etc). 

    1.  You can beef up the strength of felt by painting the wrong side with a layer of similar colored fabric paint.

    1. “What’s so special about the cheesemakers?”
      “Well it’s not meant to be taken literally, it refers to any manufacturer of dairy products.”

  2. The only thing keeping me from doing this is that most of my jeans rip out in the crotch.  Though a Dentata patch on your pants would be pretty cool…

  3. Gotta say this is absolutely charming.  But the jeans monster I’d like, looks like a pair of pants, one of Italian painter Enrico Baj’s ultracorpi (ultrabodies).

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