Thank you, Bamboo Reef!

Another quick shot from diving off Catalina with Sal and the Bamboo Reef crew. Their annual August charter on Truth Aquatics' Vision is wonderful. Thanks again guys!


  1. Ah, the diver’s eye view, looking for the boat.  I was on the very first commercial trip the Vision did- more years ago than I like to think about.  And Sal and Bamboo Reef are some of the classics of California diving. 

    Much later, my wife and I embarked on a project to design a new type of dive computer, somewhat out in front of the bleeding edge of the maker movement.  This turned into a commercial product a couple of years ago.  Diving and other small sports are still areas where kitchen table entrepreneurs can have an impact and push design forward.  Nice to see diving references on boingboing.

      1. I live in Ensenada, so figured conditions were practically identical to Catalina, and they were.

        Last week the temperatures were okay, but just a little effort made the shirt damp.

        Visibility was great.  Lucky bastard :-)  Cheers!

        1. Lucky you. I love on COLD WATER, its around 51F at Muir Beach right now.  71F is warm for us NorCal folks; people were peeling off dry suits to dive wet (not me, I’m laaaazy.) 

  2. Jealous! I recently got my PADI Open Water cert. in Saint John, and I can honestly say the experience was one of the best in my life. I can’t wait to get back out sometime soon!

  3. Did my certification training and pool dives at Bamboo Reef years ago. Then did a live-aboard trip with Sal and his whole Tequila Loving crew around Catalina. Good times. Probably around 2000. Glad he’s still kickin’

  4. Who was the captain for this trip? I have been on several of their boats and had good experiences with all of their captains.

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