Bees ground Delta flight

Honeybees clustered under the wing of a Delta Airlines flight at Pittsburgh International Airport last week; the plane could not depart until a beekeeper was summoned to take possession of the swarm. CBS reporter Mary Robb Jackson adds that swarms of bees are not uncommon at the airport, where 25,000 to 30,000 occupied Taxiway-C last May. [KDKA]


    1. That could also use a cameo with Eddie Izzard yelling “I’m covered in beeeees!!”

  1. That’s… not how beekeepers work.  They do not have magical powers over bees.

    Wait, do they?

    1. Bees are pretty stupid when they’re swarming. (Or presumably, all the time.)  My father kept bees, and was once asked to recover a swarm somewhere. Technique was: place blanket under swarm, which was on a branch. Shake branch; bees fall on blanket. Shake blanket into hive or desired carrying receptacle.

      I imagine it is more complicated if the bees are swarming in or around a structure like an airplane.

    1.  Sounds more like that Syfy thing to me. Maybe this was really a publicity stunt for their new miniseries: Dino-Bees 2013!
      Gives me hives just thinking about it.

    2. Megyn Kelly and Steve Doocy were just speculating how his could be the “Democrat Party” response to voter ID laws

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