Bees ground Delta flight


21 Responses to “Bees ground Delta flight”

  1. SmallishButt says:

    Black and gold, baby.

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Clearly Delta is not cut out to play against the zerg…

  3. Andrew Duane says:

    No, BEADS.

  4. The script for this writes itself.  All they need is Samuel Jackson to repeat his Snakes on a Plane role.

  5. Lobster says:

    That’s… not how beekeepers work.  They do not have magical powers over bees.

    Wait, do they?

    •  I’d consider not getting stung to death to be a magic power.

    • bkad says:

      Bees are pretty stupid when they’re swarming. (Or presumably, all the time.)  My father kept bees, and was once asked to recover a swarm somewhere. Technique was: place blanket under swarm, which was on a branch. Shake branch; bees fall on blanket. Shake blanket into hive or desired carrying receptacle.

      I imagine it is more complicated if the bees are swarming in or around a structure like an airplane.

  6. CSBD says:

    Has Fox news done a “BEE STORM 2012″ story yet?

  7. I had to do a double-take to realize that this story isn’t

    Bees sure seem to be up to something…

  8. Lakshmi says:

    The Mayans spoke of this.

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