Curiosity rover "caught in the act of landing"—NASA photo


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  1. aaronharnly says:

    Well, that’s the most wonderful picture I’ll see this year.

  2. Patty says:

    Planetary nerdgasm

  3. paulj says:

    This is why you do your math and science homework, kids. You can grow up and figure out how to do things like this!

  4. Let’s not forget that NASA already stunned us with this ability in 2008 by photographing the descent of the Phoenix lander.

  5. RedShirt77 says:

    Are color photos coming later?  longer to transmit?  

  6. corydodt says:

    Heh, “caught in the act,” as if NASA doesn’t have every moment and every single actor in this entire process scripted down to milliseconds.

  7. yo dawg…*xzibit.jpg*

  8. Paul Bowen says:


  9. Lotney says:

    Imagine having this parachute one day in your hands here and a few months later you get to see it helping the rover slow down to the right speed before the next stage kicks in. You can see it.. it’s right there! An action shot! Knowing that the thing you had in your hands just yesterday is now holding so many dreams by a few threads in such a far away and abysmal place must be life changing.

  10. donald branscom says:

    Did the final version have 4 cables holing the rover or 3 cables????

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