Slicing vegetables with thrown playing cards

This fellow hopes to break a world record throwing playing cards with vegetable-slicing speed and accuracy. If you'd like to learn this useful skill, you might start by reading Ricky Jay's 1977 classic book "Cards As Weapons."


    1.  My first experience of him was in Deadwood, which continues to be one of my all time favorite shows.  And in it, he was excellent.

      1. Wow, I have heard of that show but have never seen it and didn’t know he was in it. I’ll have to catch it somewhere.

  1. “Oh, the news is coming to film me practicing  my cucumber slicing trick.  I better change into my going out underwear.” 

    I bet if he spent as much time on like a career or something he could probably afford pants.

      1.  Maybe he sends all the circumcised cucumbers over to the food bank at the end of the day.

  2. This was debunked on a mythbusters episode w Ricky Jay. They clocked a card at 25mph and it failed to break human skin which is a lot less thicker than that watermelon.

      1. I dunno, I’m gonna drop myself and see what happens though. If I don’t smash into a dozen pieces and make a big mess on the floor I’ll reply back with my findings.

    1. The difference is that skin has elasticity and a watermelon does not. You can test this by dropping yourself and a watermelon from a height of three feet. Which one shattered?

      1. Well another thing to mention might be how close he’s standing to some of the stuff in the video. In some of those clips he looks like he’s practically pushing the cards in versus throwing them.

        1. If you try to push the card into a cucumber you just ruin the edge on a perfectly good playing card.

      1. Oh well, I guess I need to study up on my watermelontology. That said they did show no one is Gambiting people with regular, uncharged playing cards.

    2. What was debunked? That you can slice a cucumber with a playing card? You might want to go back and watch that episode again.

  3. Getting the card to cut into a watermelon is impressive, but it looks more like shoved playing cards, not thrown. If I was dungeon mastering this, I would call it a melee weapon, not a ranged attack. Use Strength modifier instead of Dex.

  4. If you happen to have a copy of Ricky Jay’s book Cards As Weapons hang onto it. They’re rare and quite collectible. Hard to find even the paperback priced less than $250.

  5. This skill was one of the secret challenges of the completely awesome Japanese game show of the 90’s called Happy Family Plan.  A guy shows up at your house and dad has one week to perfect a skill and demonstrate it flawlessly in front of a live audience. Slicing a cucumber with a card was one of the best episodes…

  6. What a wuss — he’s throwing nearly point-blank. Ricky Jay would do it from 20 feet. I learned card throwing many years ago by watching Jay on (!) Merv Griffin & got to where I could hit things from across a room, though I never had the serious speed & accuracy Jay achieved. It’s also cool how much distance you can get from a card if you throw it right.

  7. I had the privilege of watching Ricky Jay do some of this sort of thing in a friend’s living room several years ago.  Utterly astounding.

  8. This seems like a really inefficient way to slice vegetables. A knife would be much easier.

  9. I would just like to know the advantage a woman card thrower gets from being nude as illustrated in his book

  10. We learned to do this back in the 90s when I picked up a large box of  comic cards from the baseball card place for $5 during a sidewalk sale.  Turned out to be almost all junkers, and like 70% of them were Looney Toon Upper Deck cards.  That was a fun year.  

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