Slicing vegetables with thrown playing cards


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  1. Dan Century says:

    The obvious comment is “men, don’t let this guy catch you in bed with his wife”.

  2. slippy0 says:


  3. show me says:

    Ricky Jay is one cool dude.

    • TooGoodToCheck says:

       My first experience of him was in Deadwood, which continues to be one of my all time favorite shows.  And in it, he was excellent.

      • show me says:

        Wow, I have heard of that show but have never seen it and didn’t know he was in it. I’ll have to catch it somewhere.

  4. ZombieOtaku says:

    ‘ey, it look like dat Gambit got some competition, eh?

  5. RedShirt77 says:

    “Oh, the news is coming to film me practicing  my cucumber slicing trick.  I better change into my going out underwear.” 

    I bet if he spent as much time on like a career or something he could probably afford pants.

  6. BBNinja says:

    This was debunked on a mythbusters episode w Ricky Jay. They clocked a card at 25mph and it failed to break human skin which is a lot less thicker than that watermelon.

  7. DoctorG says:

    The TSA announced today that playing cards are no longer permitted on flights.

  8. dayhat says:

    Cucumber salad again mother?

  9. Deidzoeb says:

    Getting the card to cut into a watermelon is impressive, but it looks more like shoved playing cards, not thrown. If I was dungeon mastering this, I would call it a melee weapon, not a ranged attack. Use Strength modifier instead of Dex.

  10. Philip Bock says:

    If you happen to have a copy of Ricky Jay’s book Cards As Weapons hang onto it. They’re rare and quite collectible. Hard to find even the paperback priced less than $250.

  11. Ian G says:

    This skill was one of the secret challenges of the completely awesome Japanese game show of the 90′s called Happy Family Plan.  A guy shows up at your house and dad has one week to perfect a skill and demonstrate it flawlessly in front of a live audience. Slicing a cucumber with a card was one of the best episodes…

  12. Gerald Mander says:

    What a wuss — he’s throwing nearly point-blank. Ricky Jay would do it from 20 feet. I learned card throwing many years ago by watching Jay on (!) Merv Griffin & got to where I could hit things from across a room, though I never had the serious speed & accuracy Jay achieved. It’s also cool how much distance you can get from a card if you throw it right.

  13. sarahnocal says:


  14. mmmwright says:

    I had the privilege of watching Ricky Jay do some of this sort of thing in a friend’s living room several years ago.  Utterly astounding.

  15. danimagoo says:

    This seems like a really inefficient way to slice vegetables. A knife would be much easier.

  16. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    I would just like to know the advantage a woman card thrower gets from being nude as illustrated in his book

  17. CTG says:

    “Cucumbers don’t fight back.”

  18. PlutoniumX says:

    We learned to do this back in the 90s when I picked up a large box of  comic cards from the baseball card place for $5 during a sidewalk sale.  Turned out to be almost all junkers, and like 70% of them were Looney Toon Upper Deck cards.  That was a fun year.  

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