A Sinister Reading of A Poky Little Puppy


8 Responses to “A Sinister Reading of A Poky Little Puppy”

  1. blueelm says:

    Wait. You mean this isn’t Current 93?

  2. KBert says:

    NOW I get it… it’s so obvious!

  3. edgore says:

    I love the Pokey Little Puppy! It’s basic message is that if you misbehave most of the time you will get to eat everyone’s dessert, and one time you will get none. You will still come out WAY ahead!

  4. Xeni Jardin says:

    Rob, this is quite possibly one of the most awesome things you have ever done. I loved it then  and I love it now.

  5. ZikZak says:

     So good!  I think “a sinister reading of X” has legs as a meme.  More!

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