Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Soul Train and more...

By Ed Piskor

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Published 6:00 am Tue, Aug 7, 2012


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22 Responses to “Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Soul Train and more...”

  1. MrJM says:


    That same Doug Wimbish plays bass with Living Colour.

  2. Glenn Rice says:

    Haha, love it how “Rush” Simmons even thinks with a lisp.

  3. jarmstrong says:

    I read that first panel… then I reread it and sounded it out… and I thought, “Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, Dum Ditty Dum Ditty Dum Dum Dum”

    • Ed Piskor says:

       40 sec’s in for Run DMC’s perfected version of their Dr. Seuss routine:

      • noah django says:

         over this Big Beat drum.  drum-ditty-drum-ditty-ditty-drum-drum!

        i feel i must state this explicitly, what with the fucked-up state of hip hop these days:  “Here We Go” is JMJ looping two copies of the Big Beat live, there are no wack Sugarhill-esque backing bands *nor* samplers employed in the above recording.

        • Ed Piskor says:

           Yeah, man. I like how you can hear Billy Squier chime in a little bit, here and there, because JMJ would hesitate a second too long. It adds to the rawness.

          • noah django says:

            raw like sushi.  hard to say if it was intentional or not, though.  i mean, it *can* be done intentionally, but it’s kinda one of those “only the DJ knows for sure” things.  personally, I like to loop that way, but it sounds the same if you just don’t cross the fader in time.  either way, the rawness.

            was searching around for the SNL footage of them doing Its Tricky, where you can actually watch Jay doing this (actually, a more difficult re-sequencing of the notes type of loop) with The Knack’s “My Sharona” via an overhead camera, but it ain’t on Hulu anymore, and none of my other searches came up with it, either.  jeez, internet; wtf?

  4. So THAT’S where Keith LeBlanc started…

  5. tedrock says:

    I love this series and look forward to it every week! Thanks Ed!

  6. benher says:

    Ah, life temporarily complete for another week.

  7. sxip shirey says:

    Always so enjoyable to read each of these Ed!