Film about Mexican mental asylum run by the patients


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  1. dantsea says:

    This sounds like a very basic, very honest adaption of the Therapeutic Community idea. Good for him, good for them. 

  2. Rebecca Coates says:  – the comment section: Estranged daughter?  Did she manage to gain contact?  Crazy.

    • Gabriela K says:

      I wonder about that too.

    • Mark Aitken says:

      Yeah, the daughter has contacted me and spoken to her father via Skype.  I’m going over to the states to visit and film her in Sept – a family reunion is planned but neither of them have passports!  The craziness continues…
      Mark – Director

  3. ChicagoD says:

    Huh. That was Spanish? I would have sworn it was French. 

  4. mtdna says:

    Is it intended to be a metaphor for the US government, or is that accidental?

    • cdh1971 says:

      I was going to make the same observation, specifically Congress & The Supreme Court – but you beat me to it.

  5. Robert White says:

    So this is a real life Clans of the Alphane Moon?

  6. Brainspore says:

    I’m glad this worked out better than when they tried that in Arkham.

  7. just1more says:

    Charles Bowden writes extensively about the asylum in his excellent book about Juarez, “Murder City”.

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