Internet Archive adds 1,000,000 legal files to the world's store of BitTorrents


12 Responses to “Internet Archive adds 1,000,000 legal files to the world's store of BitTorrents”

  1. Susan Carley Oliver says:

    Doing my happy dance!

  2. Dean Putney says:

    I’m almost surprised this hasn’t happened before. It seems like BitTorrent is a perfect solution for a lot of these big stores of legal data. Or even streaming data. Can’t we all just share?

    • digi_owl says:

      No, because the “artists” will starve! /s

    • Jorpho says:

      Actually, it seems to me a rather poor solution.  BitTorrent really only seems to make sense if a lot of people are seeking to download something very large at the same time.  Even if these 1,000,000 legal files are packaged in such a way as to be reasonably large collections, how many of them could possibly have enough broad, long-term appeal to support a decently large swarm of seeders?

  3. Very very nice.
    Now I wish they had a decent search function or something. I have no idea whether anything of interest to me is on there, and if yes, what …

  4. Peter says:

    Wow, so much movies I can download now! Hope my torch browser will handle this J

  5. Sparg says:

    Looks like it didn’t take long for the spammers to hit the archive with crap books.

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