Mars Curiosity rover: NASA's John Grunsfeld and Miles O'Brien on PBS NewsHour

[Video Link] It took just minutes for Curiosity to complete her landing sequence on Mars. But the journey to that point took years of work back here on earth. The celebration of the rover's successful landing continues, and the mission itself will continue for 2 years. On this PBS NewsHour segment, Judy Woodruff talks to science correspondent Miles O'Brien and John Grunsfeld of NASA about Curiosity and the years NASA scientists spent planning the journey to Mars.

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  1. Curiosity Rover: Thrusting into the Gale Crater. Again and again. Pounding into the Gale Crater, making the Crater beg for it. The Gale Crater wants it, and Curiosity Rover wants to give it to the Crator.

    1. At least one person makes this comment in every thread mentioning him. Unfortunately, AFAIK Miles O’Brien the reporter has neither confirmed or denied if he is also a Star Trek character, or if he’s had major reconstructive surgery to change his appearance (this is, of course, a trivial procedure on the Enterprise so who knows – not sure if they have the proper equipment on DS9).

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