Paper fasteners banned due to injuries

The UK's Manchester National Health Service Trust has reportedly banned metal paperclips paper fasteners due to staff injuries. If this policy spreads, it may be time for Henry Petroski to write a new afterword to his classic book "The Evolution of Useful Things" that includes the fascinating history of the paper clip. From Metro:

In a memo to staff, it was warned that the use of metal fasteners was 'prohibited' and the offending clips must be 'carefully disposed of immediately'.

'Due to recent incidents, NHS Manchester has decided to immediately withdraw the use of metal paper fasteners,' explained the memo featuring an accompanying picture of a paper clip - just to avoid any confusion. 'Please ensure any that remain in use be replaced by similar plastic fasteners.

'The use of metal fasteners is prohibited and must be carefully disposed of immediately. Thank you for your co-operation.'

"NHS health and safety chiefs ban 'dangerous' metal paper clips"

UPDATE: According to the Manchester Evening News, it is metal paper fasteners, not typical paper clips, that have been banned.