Singularity and its skeptics, in haiku

Jill from Tachyon Books sez, "Is the Rapture of the Nerds just around the corner? Or is the Vingean posthuman technological Singularity the biggest myth since Y2K? You know—and you can prove it in verse. Post or email ( Tachyon a haiku that is either pro- (it's totally gonna happen) or con- (as if!) Singularity. There will be two winners, one for each argument. In addition to getting a signed copy of Digital Rapture: The Singularity Anthology, attendees at Chicon 7, the World Science Fiction Convention, will be treated to A FREE LUNCH with James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel."

17 Responses to “Singularity and its skeptics, in haiku”

  1. petertrepan says:

    Writing in haiku?
    Only a nerd would do that.
    I am not… oh no!

    • chenille says:

      Once an ancient art
      practiced by the Japanese,
      now just geeky jokes.

      …I notice all the haikus here and not there, so on topic:

      A new myth for those
      who don’t see god in our past
      so search our future.

      • petertrepan says:

        Oo! I like that one. Here’s my actual entry:

        Recedes as we approach it
        Like the horizon

        (No singularity)

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Sentient Machine
    Structural limits to growth
    OOM killer.

  3. Richard Lack says:

    It’s happening now
    Like slowly boiling a frog
    We just can’t feel it

  4. Yacko says:

    Machine code haiku?
    Robots achieve satori?
    End of universe!

  5. Ladyfingers says:


  6. I am ONE
    with the bytes, 
    power down please

  7. Remember, Human?
    That thing that you cherish most?
    That time is finite?

  8. Brain is not magic.
    One summer’s day we’ll figure it out.
    I’m set to upload.

  9. l337n00b says:

    In the present day
    No one designs computers
    Without computers

  10. Sarah Zucker says:

    We transcend biology
    Time for the Long Now

  11. GordonM says:

    It’s Millenialism
    Superstitous crap

  12. amuseamuse says:

    Happened years ago

    Didn’t you get the invite?

    Bee-Borp Zero One

  13. ohaitch says:

    This is hard to explain
    In one-forty characters
    Read lesswrong dot com

  14. all matter is us
    universal silver mesh
    thoughts are our fabric

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