The Human Jukebox: Donations to street musicians, as votes


6 Responses to “The Human Jukebox: Donations to street musicians, as votes”

  1. awww, too bad apparently noone gave them money to slow down until you can’t recognize the song anymore. That’s the most difficult one in my book.

  2. Jonathan Roberts says:

    That’s pretty awesome. One of the things I have to take away from that experiment though is that if you get into music, it has to be for the love of music and not as a way of getting rich quick.

    Edit: Of course the real experiment is getting viral online, which seems to be working very well.

  3. toyg says:

    Not the first “human jukebox” act ever, but still pretty awesome. Full of “easter eggs” too! 

  4. Jonathan Roberts says:

    I still feel the bass is a hugely underused instrument. If this group can bring it back to the mainstream, they have my eternal gratitude.

  5. Eva Holtz says:

    Wish there had been more bills, fewer coins.

  6. I don’t usually clap when I’m home alone in front of a computer… well done.

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