No one knows what will become of the WELL, the venerable online community that erstwhile owners have put on the auction block. One group of users is pledging cash for a co-op buyout. Now another group has incorporated a for-profit entity that says it will raise capital to make a cash offer to SALN.

4 Responses to “Who will buy the WELL?”

  1. Surely all they need is a copy of wordpress and a link to disqus.

  2. Gilbert Wham says:

    That’s the way to do it, see, threaten to run something as a non-profit, and it will upset Capitalists so much they’ll buy it out of spite ;)

  3. Matisse Enzer says:

    Cory I think your lede here misrepresents Wagner’s posting, where he wrote “Some of these same usersĀ …” and your lede says “another group”

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