Back yard DIY PVC rollercoaster with a 12-foot drop (video)

[Video Link] About this video, which is a few months old but new to me, I can put it no more eloquently than Eric Meyerson of Youtube: "There's a fine line between 'world's best dad' and 'Darwin Awards.'"


  1. Looks like fun for her and good exercise for him. I’m seeing no flexing of the track, so there’s clearly additional (steel?) reinforcement underneath the PVC. A 10′ fall out of that cart doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, but I’m pretty sure we all took a fall at least that high as a kid and survived with little more than a broken arm. Kids bounce.

    1. Yeah, I was worried about the same thing. And that there was no sideways support for the track. But the track didn’t sway in any way, so it does look like the dad knew what he was doing. Also, the coaster had a safety harness, so I don’t think the kid would fall off, either.

      My vote goes for it being a 9 out of 10 on the “world’s best dad” scale!

      1. Oh, I just realized what the coaster most probably is… it at least looks like a baby snow sled. And with that I also realized that it is no more dangerous than sledding down a hill… actually sledding is waaaaay more dangerous as you can easily hit other people going down the same hill, not to mention hitting rocks and trees. I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has suddenly started running after their small kid’s (too young to be able to make turns)sled after realizing it started to go just sliiiightly the wrong way.

        1. True, remember my (then) 5yo suddenly deciding to go straight down a hill on her bike rather than follow the path she was on.

          At least I now know I can still sprint if I need to.

    1. I’d settle for a decent seatbelt with shoulder straps.  The helmet isn’t likely to be fitted well enough or be kept on by the kid.

  2. PVC  is wonderful stuff…I bult a flight sim out 0of it…(BG)

    anybody remeber the Blue Flash- this crazy farmer in idaho builds this loop de loop roller coaster out of spare parts and a car seat…

  3. As someone once said to me when I was visiting her house, “You can throw the chew toy if you want, but the dog will still find it fun long after your shoulder is aching.”

  4. I’m landing on the “cool dad” side of this one. Since it seems inevitable someone on this coaster will land somewhere.

  5. Presuming that “Material X” is the sole determinant of safe or deadly is not logical.  The reality check should be asking to see the numbers or “some” credible basis for evaluating safety.

    1. I’ve got a whole stack of health and safety evaluations for when I was that age and climbed trees and messed about near roads.

      Oh wait, no I don’t!

  6. Looks perfectly safe to me, for now. The tall poles could fail, but that would just make it lean over to one side. PVC is strong and flexible enough that it won’t crack, as long as it’s above freezing. But the sun will eventually make it brittle, so it’s got a limited lifetime outdoors.

  7. I push my kids on a swing set in my back yard all the time and it looks to me like I am more nervous doing that then I would be pushing my child up the upslope of this contraption.  In other words, it looks no more dangerous to me that swinging 8 feet up on a swing with no safety straps.  Awesome!

  8. It’s perfectly safe and that kid has become Antinous’ someone’s dog soul brethren. The only problem may come whenever the kid grows up, gets drunk for the first time and decides to try the coaster “one last time”.

    1.  Which will teach them the Gods of Fun do not like to be told ‘I’m not gonna play with you anymore’. Heed these words, O my people; if you stop having fun, a disgruntled small god WILL push you off a slide. And you will deserve it

  9. This video is greatly improved by adding the music from the AMPA video, below.  Start at 1:00 for maximum horror.

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