Interview with a Mars rover driver: Scott Maxwell of JPL


10 Responses to “Interview with a Mars rover driver: Scott Maxwell of JPL”

  1. LikesTurtles says:

    At the risk of restarting the manned versus unmanned holy war, I’ve got to say that this mission has excited me much more than any manned mission has in a really long time.

    • Brad Gall says:

      I’m right there with you but considering the recent maned missions I’m afraid that’s not saying much.

    •  I know that with the manned missions, I feel a certain amount of envy — she gets to go to space, but I don’t. :( But with robotic missions, we all get to go to space. Robots in space are the playing characters of all humanity.

  2. elisd says:

    Gale Crater, Mars looks a lot like Black Rock Desert, Earth, at least in black and white.  A little rockier, but still.  I almost expect to see Curiosity driving around Burning Man.

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    I’d like to see the operators arrange for the rover to secretly make cairns of rock, and burn logos in the capstones with its laser.

    Purely as a training exercise, of course.

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