More on Marvel's Joss Whedon news, including how he's now involved with basically everything through 2015


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  1. SpaceBeers says:

    Best. News. Ever.

  2. ramltfaw says:

    It’s a shame the Fantastic Four never got the respect it deserves. As much as I’d like to see it done right, at this point I’d rather they didn’t reboot them because they’d probably make it like the Ultimate version and that’s just insulting.

    • Ramone says:

      FF licensing is under Fox, and a reboot is in order or they’ll lose said licensing. Word was Fox and Marvel were negotiating  more time (before that it was said Fox was going to give up FF–which includes Silver Surfer and Galactus–in exchange for an extension on Daredevil).

      Whatever the case, FF isn’t part of the Marvel pantheon ruled by Disney just yet.

    • Conan Librarian says:

      Have you seen the cartoon series that was on, Cartoon Network I believe? It was great, and stayed perfectly sourced. 

  3. TrollyMcTrollington says:


    I’ll still never forgive him for killing Wash AND Book.

    • duplissi says:

      he wouldnt have killed them if fox never cancelled firefly… so blame them instead.

      bout damn time whedon gets the recognition he deserves.

  4. Gerald Mander says:

    My money is on the “very concrete name” writer being Michael Chabon. My money is also on him being dreadful. Sorry.

  5. matthewfabb says:

    “It’s probably safe to say that the Avengers thing was a given.”
    At San Diego Comic Con, Joss Whedon was still saying that he was unsure if he was going to do Avengers 2. Simply because there were so many of his own projects he wanted to get working on and the time commitment to doing another Avengers movie.

    “But now Whedon will be involved with the other Marvel movies? Like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, the sequels to Thor and Captain America? 
    Maybe his contributions will only serve to tie everything together, like the post-credits scenes that led up to The Avengers. “Joss Whedon apparently worked on the script for the first Captain America, making some changes to the dialog. He also apparently wrote and filmed the post-credits scene for Captain America.Whedon also has apparently already had some conversations with Edgar Wright about Ant-Man. So it will be interesting to see if he will be doing more re-writes for Marvel or just general advice and notes.

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