Photo gallery of Mars landing scenes, on both planets

The Atlantic has a doublewide photo gallery of Associated Press photos from the night of the Mars Landing. I'm in this shot (#13). The whole gallery is a great reminder of the range of emotions and excitement you feel when you're witnessing one of these historic space events. I will never forget this night, as long as I live! And I know I'm not alone in that. If you want to know what joy looks like, click onward.


  1. I don’t get it. NBC got flack for time-shifting the Olympics, Iran and Saudi Arabia the same during the soccer championship but people cheer, when NASA broadcasts the landing with a 14 minutes window! 

      1.  That’s what they want you to believe.

        /joke, great happy face in #13, must have been an incredible atmosphere.

      2. Humbug! They obviously had something to hide. 

        Also, Mars is in space! How can there be grabity in space?!?

        Plus, I want to enroll in Louisiana.

          1. On the contrary. I firmly subscribe to the theory that not scarifying to Set leads to storms and the snake-God Apophis killing Ra!

          2.  I would be inclined to place set theory in the set of all groundless and fallacious theories, yes.  But can the set  of all theories regarding sets be both groundless AND contained in a set (that contains itself)?  You see where the problems arise?  Better to abandon this specious quicksand altogether.

  2. I’m still stewing over how long it takes starlight to reach our planet.  Talk about signal delay.  

  3. I hope NASA also equipped Curiosity with Sees’ Candies and Famous Amos cookies, you know  just in case…..”just in case.”

  4. Awesome set of images. I videoed the NASA TV feed (with audio of crowd reactions) at 1 of the two JPL off-lab Curiosity landing events (for JPL/Curiosity staff and families+friends). I finally watched it last night, and am considering editing it a bit toward the weekend and uploading so you can see the jubilation at Pasadena City College as it happened. (Boyfriend worked on the landing radar). 

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