Shuttle Endeavour retires to Los Angeles: details on her transit to LA released

"Space shuttle Endeavour, retired from service after 25 missions that spanned 123 million miles, will star in a remarkable 12-mile parade through the streets of Los Angeles on October 12-13, traveling from the city's international airport to the California Science Center for display at the children's learning complex." More from our friends at Spaceflight Now.


  1. It’s a real shame that Houston, the mission control headquarters, astronaut training, and many other crucial aspects of the Shuttle Program (it’s Texas’ licence plate that has the Shuttle on it, take note) did not end up with any of the Shuttles. Houston ended up with the consolation prize of a weathered, full scale mockup that had been mounted to the roof of the Kennedy Space Center for years and years.

  2. Wow! I didn’t know we were getting one of the shuttles! I can’t wait for it to get here.

  3. OK. Thought I was going to miss every chance to see one being transported, but I will be back in SoCal well before this happens. I’m pleased (even if Houstonians aren’t).

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