Vintage train fan excited about rare vintage train is the new "Double Rainbow" (video)

[Video Link] Double rainbow, all the way. Oh my god. (via Newley Purnell)

Update: CNN's Jeanne Moos uncovered the even funnier story behind "Double Trainbow," here. And the original it lovingly parodies, by "foamer" and excitable railfan Mark McDonough, is below. His YouTube channel is a thing of beauty.


  1. “Take the best orgasm you’ve ever had… multiply it by a thousand, and you’re still nowhere near it.”

    1. Omg the train to Park St is here!  OMG!  Look at the scratched windows!  OMG!  The old drink bottle rolling on the floor, the stained seats.  This is awesome!  This guy next to me has his ipod cranked to 11 so I have to hear it.  YES!

  2. It’s hard to mock such naked, incredible excitement like this, pretty rare in the world these days.

    Somehow I think the internet will find a way however.

    1. OK, here it is:
      Y’know, this might actually looks realistic if the other people in the video would turn around when the supposed filmmaker screamed.

        1. You’d have to film him so it would be a mobius strip of awesomeness.  Him posting a vid of himself freaking out over a train, you posting a vid of him freaking out while filming trains.  Round and round it goes…

  3. Seems it’s a phony, a hoax, or rather a clever marketing remake of the actual “train guy” Mark McDonough to drum up interest for this rail line. McDonough’s actual excitement shown in his video shows what true “foamers” experience while viewing a heritage engine.

    1.  Yeah, this is far too similar to this video, but I’m pretty sure it’s a different guy. Also, they’ve both been waiting months, and finally got one on camera for the “first time”.

      If I’m not mistaken this is the original:

  4. Can someone explain why trains are cool? I’ve never understood what people enjoy about them. They haul people and things on a predetermined path, usually fairly slowly, and they make a loud noise sometimes. I just don’t understand why people find them interesting, and I would legitimately appreciate an explanation.

    1. why i like trains:
      – beautiful hardware (check out the nose on the train in the video!)
      – reliability (the predetermined path you mention is a plus for me – you know for sure where you’re going)
      – speed (also thanks to the rails, they can go faster safer than any form of land transport)
      – stability (and again thanks to the rails, i can read a book and drink a coffee… while traveling at high speed)
      – efficiency (at their best, railway systems identify a common need/goal and fulfill it, using much less energy than individual transport units)
      – logistics (the fact that many cities/countries have hundreds of trains organised to show up at different stations day and night at coordinated times is amazing)
      – humanity (designing, building and maintaining a decent train system is a huge human achievement made over many years of collaboration)

      1.  One of my best experiences in Turkey was taking the overnight train from Istanbul to Ankara.  No boarding b.s., being able to sleep like a human being, the soothing steady thunk of the rails, seeing the landscape go by close up, dinner and breakfast in the dining car.  Nice.

    2. I think @taghag writes why railways are cool, not the railway vehicles, which I assume is what you meant.

      In which case, it’s probably for similar reasons as why people think ships, cars, bikes or aeroplanes are cool; though I’ve never found any of these to be interesting — the purpose of the vehicle is more interesting.

      I like railways, since round here they usually carry people at least as fast as cars can (often much faster), but they’re quieter, more spacious and I can do what I want while travelling by rail. My interest in the vehicles goes about as far as “hey, I went to Exeter last week, and the carriages now have LCD screens in the seats”.

      1.  “I think @taghag writes why railways are cool, not the railway vehicles, which I assume is what you meant.”

        gah, that’s true!  i’m such a public transport fangirl that i totally forgot about the trains in my enthusiam! :)

    3. This guy is just hamming it up.  (Hilariously .. he’s good.)

      But as to why people are into trains, as far as I’m concerned, it’s not about the diesels. Fuck the fucking diesels.  Steam or go home.

      It’s like a living being.  It’s like standing next to a living, breathing, snorting dinosaur in harness, its superheated flanks looming over you, wreathed in smoke and steam, hissing and straining, eating coal, breathing fire and leaving soot and cinders and sulfur in your eyes.  It’s like a great beast, a genuine behemoth.  This is Ray Bradbury territory.  Those capable of awe will be awestruck; those capable of fear will be afraid.  If you’d ever stood too close to a crossing while one of these bore down on you screaming out of the night, you’d understand completely.

      1. Has anyone created the Steampunk Porn genre yet? If not, go on and be a pioneer. I think you’ve found your calling.

      2. The streamline-era diesels are pretty, but steam is magic.   Just last month I rode the Arcade and Attica near Buffalo, NY.    For the pull home, they couple the engine to the open air seating car, where you can stand at the rail and get the full harnessed dinosaur experience from a few feet away.

        And to add to Taghag’s list:    As an amateur new urbanist & supporter of  transit oriented development, trains are an integral part of what makes A Place Where Humans Want To Live,  and historically, they did so in an economically sustainable manner.    

        Consequently, I get enthused about vintage train hardware because now, 75 years into the Suburban Experiment,  it is a tangible relic of something that humanity got right.

    4. My dad has worked on trains for his entire adult life and he always found train enthusiasts funny, weird or disturbing. In fact I never had a train set as a kid nor any train toys…  And one of my favorite experiences with my dad was when went to a train hobbyist show. He was shocked and appalled and weirdly fascinated… 

      1. ‘Bad’ isn’t quite the right word.  I’m not sure what the word is, but it’s unique to Cage – and IMO although it is kinda shitty, it’s good shitty.

        Vampires Kiss was… well, it was amazing.

        1. Cage, when he wants to, can be excellent at doing super-cheesy parody stuff. Like in Kick-Ass, when his dead-on tribute to Adam West’s Batman was the best thing about the film.

          1. That’s kind of what I mean I guess. He’s not a ‘bad’ actor, he just as a very specific style of acting that can sometimes be mistaken for bad.
            I think.

            Either way I like the guy. I forgive him his handful of genuinely terrible films… actually I even like those.

          2. Have you seen Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans?  Herzog’s decision to cast Cage is spot-on for this very reason.  The movie calls for a bizarre affected hammy actor in the lead role, and Cage shines brilliantly.  

  5. I thought it was Seth McFarland doing an impression of Nicholas Cage acting as a train enthusiast

  6. Yah, typical. My unit is also a 1953 Heritage model, and this is pretty much the reaction I’ve come to expect.

  7. At 1:01 ” This is Special. THIS IS SPECIAL.”

    Awesome. That will become an audio tag heard ’round the internet. Or at least at places where blase hipsters need a snarky “witticism” to insult something popular.

  8. He sounds like Randy Marsh getting excited over food in the South Park “Crème Fraiche” episode.

  9. Approach the Internet as though everything is not real.  But if it makes you laugh out loud, then it’s real. And leave it at that.

  10. After a failed launch attempt back in 1995, I was wandering around the Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and encountered a group of eastern European space journalist, and I swear to god one of them was doing the same thing; 
    “Look! LOOOK! Saturn IB! Wow! Look at it! It is HUUUGE!”

  11. He’s got four videos so far – excited in all of them.  One has to wonder if this isn’t a schtick but whatever – amusing and I do like me some trains, so as long as this doesn’t become a ‘thing’ I’m ok with it.  The thought of random hipster railfans turning the simple, reverent act of trainspotting into a screamfest is jarring to say the least.

  12. it may be a fake, but it’s based on a genuine one, and while watching it, i could only think about how cool it is that geeks come in all stripes.

  13. I think the guy sounds a little like a young Bill Paxton as excited about these trains as about the Aliens about to get him.  “Game over, man!  That was the most beautiful train horn”.  “Maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked by a cool train, pal”

  14. Just a little info – Heritage units are rare because most RR’s have been purchased or consolidated under one large RR (either BNSF or UP).   These prior RR’s are called “fallen flags” as the paint scheme, logos and other things that made that them unique are now gone.  On occasion, the new owner (UP for example) will roll out a new locomotive but paint it in a heritage (old) paint scheme.  They can do this because in addition to buying the RR, they also own the logos, etc.

    Catching a heritage unit on the move is getting more rare.  It’s easy to go to a museum and see one (stationary), but getting to see one running is a sight to see.  Insurance and regulations (steam boilers can explode quite drastically and need to be certified for operations) make seeing a running steam engine more rare.  Also, some of these unit are approaching 100 years old, so finding someone who knows how to operate/maintain these units are becoming rare also.

  15. You know when you go to the beach and there’s that one guy or gal who’s as fat as a hippo and just lets it all hang out? 

    They make me jealous. This guy makes me jealous too. 

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