Ballad of Poisonberry Pete (short animated video)


11 Responses to “Ballad of Poisonberry Pete (short animated video)”

  1. grimc says:

    Nice. But the “HAHAHAHAHAFRENCHARECOWARDS” gag is old, stale, inaccurate and fucking stupid.

  2. Russell says:

    Nice animation, shame about the story.

  3. ocker3 says:

    What on Earth was the French pie doing with his date on the stage in the last scene???

  4. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Love the chicken pies. 

  5. Dan Hibiki says:

    a hero? he murdered a dude in cold blood not more then three minutes ago, how the hell does the sheriff go to jail for trying to stop him?

  6. RKTR ♫ says:

    Loving the animation style.  Very cool.

  7. Kimmo says:

    Yo Mark, for some reason embedded Vimeo vids have been broken on Firefox with Flashblock for months, so could you please maintain the convention of including a direct link?


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