Travis Louie paints the Thylacine

Odetothylacines 150Dpi

Behold Travis Louie's magnificent take on the Thylacine! Declared extinct in 1936, thousands of unconfirmed sightings have made the beautiful animal a darling of cryptozoology. Louie's painting is part of the Lush Life Four group show opening tomorrow evening at Seattle's Roq La Rue Gallery. The exhibition also includes work by BB faves Jessica Joslin, Camille Rose Garcia, Annie Owens, Glenn Barr, and more. Lush Life Four preview


      1. That’s certainly my impression. Tasmania isn’t a small island, but it’s still not a particularly large geographic region for a breeding population of large carnivores to stay hidden in. I’d probably put better odds on the notion that there might still be a few grizzly bears hiding in the mountains of California.

      2.  Dr. Karl says for any species to exist there has to be around 100 members. The SW of Tassie is very rough, but not that rough.

  1. Speak of the devil… I just saw a movie about this little guy called The Hunter yesterday.

    The movie was OK, so I’m not sure why I’m telling internet about it.

  2. I thought that they were gotten rid of by Papal Decree since they were the original vector of lycanthropy.  That’s what they said in “The Howling III” anyway….

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