Travis Louie paints the Thylacine


12 Responses to “Travis Louie paints the Thylacine”

  1. Brainspore says:

    I hope I live long enough to see these things get cloned back to life.

    • Ladyfingers says:

       There may still be  few around. Unlikely,  though.

      • Brainspore says:

        That’s certainly my impression. Tasmania isn’t a small island, but it’s still not a particularly large geographic region for a breeding population of large carnivores to stay hidden in. I’d probably put better odds on the notion that there might still be a few grizzly bears hiding in the mountains of California.

      • Van Diemen says:

         Dr. Karl says for any species to exist there has to be around 100 members. The SW of Tassie is very rough, but not that rough.

  2. DeanCutlet says:

    Speak of the devil… I just saw a movie about this little guy called The Hunter yesterday.

    The movie was OK, so I’m not sure why I’m telling internet about it.

  3. Antinous / Moderator says:

    o hai

  4. Sergiusz Majer says:

    amazing! Can we get a hi-res image for wallpaper maybe?

  5. Nadreck says:

    I thought that they were gotten rid of by Papal Decree since they were the original vector of lycanthropy.  That’s what they said in “The Howling III” anyway….

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