Carved nickel looks like alien grey

NewImage"Hobo nickels" are made from US Buffalo nickels. They are made by carving a new face from the Native American face. During the depression, artists would carve these nickels and sell them for a profit (hence the name "hobo nickel.") Neatorama offered up this example of a more recent hobo nickel, which resembles a science fiction interplanetary humanoid. See more alien head nickels here.

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  1. As a numismatist I couldn’t think of doing this to a vintage coin.
    As a miniature sculpor, I’m about to bust out my jewelers tools and attack my coin collection.

    1. I like the Mercury dimes better.  The buffalo nickels (that I had cheap access to) mostly had their dates worn off, which made it really hard for a kid. Plus, a guy with wings on his head?

  2. One evening while walking south on Spadina ave towards Dundas st. , in Toronto, a raggy man  approached me and in his palm he had very large shiny dollar coins. He told me they were 5 dollar Canadian coins and I could have one for 10 dollars. I said, ‘Gosh ok’ cause is seemed like a real bargain. 

    The next day I took said coin to the bank and asked the teller how much is this 5 dollar coin worth. He replied it was worth 5 dollars. I laughed and told him I bought it for 1o bucks, which made  him laugh. It was a good laugh all around. 

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