Friends With You: "Cloudy" (animated video short)


9 Responses to “Friends With You: "Cloudy" (animated video short)”

  1. RKTR ♫ says:

    I am definitely more relaxed now.  But it could have been the wake n’ bake….

  2. Best part is that it’s all one hundred percent scientifically accurate. 

  3. brandonmwest says:

    This should be a video game… I want to play it!

  4. millie fink says:

    It’s not an ad for Zoloft?

  5. BrianOman says:

     I kept expecting some terribly tragic end… But that said, a nice satisfying splash would have been a good kicker.

  6. Roger Strong says:

    This needs to be reposted during the next hurricane. It’ll totally calm down anyone in the hurricane’s path.

  7. I saw this the other night on the big screen at a short film gathering at Hammer museum in LA. It was awesome! There were many other great films too. 

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