Help fund Lizz Winstead's PSA for reproductive rights

Lizz Winstead is raising money to make a PSA about reproductive rights.  She's a writer, comedian, asskicker and one of the creators of The Daily show. I believe her that she will get this thing made and then get it seen.

Lizz says:

By helping me create this campaign we will be reminding America just how much erosion we are seeing in the area of reproductiove rights and we all know that humor poking at the underbelly of dipshittery makes a HUGE impact.

Sounds about right to me. Give what you can here - Lizz has less than 7 hours to meet her goal.


  1. I do wish she’d had somebody do a quick proofread of her pitch page.

    I can’t help it. This stuff bothers me.

  2. As a male i can not suggest to argue for a new born life over the rights of the female host. It is a flaming issue that is ultimately the choice of the  female who is pregnant to do with her body as she wishes. IMHO. I get lost at the term dipshittery, i plead ignorant male complex.

  3. I’m making this judgment entirely from the red and blue picture. I don’t think this is a very good PSA. I think I agree, vaguely, with what it says. But it’s just terrible.

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