Hodgman's COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE, the box set


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  1. Chip says:

    Still waiting for the audiobook of That Is All.  I can only assume he’s still recording his recitation of 18.25 trillion names of dead pets or whatever it is at the end of this one.

  2. Brainspore says:

    I still have an autographed box of official John Hodgman Hobo Chalk from when he was promoting his first book if anybody wants to make an offer. (I’ll consider payment in Hobo Nickels, but not the kind made of lint.)

  3. “I would love John Hodgman to be my butler, because of the utter joy of waking up every morning and saying ‘Hello, Hodgman’.”
    - Neil Gaiman, slightly paraphrased

  4. Jack Amick says:

    Your link just goes to the last book, That Is All, not the box set (which isn’t on Amazon yet).

  5. penguinchris says:

    Apparently he was doing 4,000 signed copies – wonder if that mug of silver sharpies is enough? Especially since you’re supposed to store the silver ones tip-down :)

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