Reggie Watts making fun of "big idea" presentations


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  1. His TED talk was similarly excellent:

  2. Mike Norman says:

    Pop Tech is without a doubt.

  3. EH says:

    Is “trope’ing” a verb yet?

  4. fatcat1111 says:

    If there were still jesters, Watts would be their king. 

  5. latelatelateshow says:

    I’m guessing the sly, slow, understated-ness is part of his schtick, but after about 20 seconds I was squirming and had to turn off this video. Plus the Bert Lahr hair is a trifle off-putting

    • Poet says:

      You have to see this one through as Mr. Watts purposely tries to get rid of you at times which is indeed part of what he is and always will be. Really though this was a rough in the gem.

  6. mcarlson says:

    That was genius. I love it.

  7. Teller says:

    Very fonny. Reminds me of Morozov’s review of the Khannas’ latest booklet.

  8. Deidzoeb says:

    What is the tech that keeps him from sweating a river when he wears sweater in every performance? Turning down the heater, turning up the A/C?

  9. elisd says:

    Wonderful.  Love the way parody opens up the message in the medium.  Reminds me of Peter Rose’s hilarious piece of video art ,”The Pressures of the Text”.

  10. UniAce says:

    This is just about the greatest thing ever in my life that I’ve seen at this point.

  11. Snig says:

    Except for the musical interludes, reminds me of my more wretched undergraduate papers when I had nothing to say, but ten pages to say it in. 

  12. Gyrofrog says:

    For better or worse I think I may be utterly incapable of taking anyone seriously ever again.

    Has this guy ever been on Yo Gabba Gabba? They should make him the guest for an episode.

  13. If anyone’s interested, here’s an actual takedown of the TED method of “thinking” –

    Not that Mr. Watts’s TED piss-take wasn’t spot on, it’s just that it lacked any real ideas of its own…..which, come to think of it, is just SOOO damn meta.

  14. He’s kind of doing to live “performance” what the Museum of Jurassic Technology does to “museums”. (Though has anyone noticed lately, the MJT is a littly shoddy and unkempt – you can’t always tell if an exhibit is genuinely part of the cute bamboozlement, or just actually broken down.)

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