Skateboarding goat wins Guinness World Record (video)

[video link]. The goat's name is "Happy," of course. (thanks, Clayton Cubitt)


  1. Tried to watch, but this blue strobing rectangle adjoining advertisement, yelling ‘THIS IS NOT A JOKE!’ made it too hard to pay attention to the cute goat.
    Most Obnoxious Ad Ever… at least here.

  2. The tricks at the end are cool. Surprised to see it since all the goats I’ve ever met have been dumb as bricks. As for the skateboarding, it’s neat that Happy stayed on it while rolling, but was there really any competition for the title? I doubt there’s many skateboarding goats. 

  3. I’m far more impressed that the goat isn’t covered in it’s own shit like every other goat I’ve ever seen. 

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