Custom made 3D printed Portal gun from model ripped straight from the game


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  1. Rick Vath says:


  2. sosumi says:

    Best. Thing. Ever.

  3. gramturismo says:

    I’ve been wondering for awhile “Couldn’t people just extract assets from popular games and print their own props/action figures?”  I guess I have my answer now.

    • peterblue11 says:

      yup was wondering same thing. this also made me think people will now pretty much be able to print off their own action figures / collectables. so i spose sales of those might decline soon. of course hardcore collectors will continue but average joe might rather reprap one out quickly.

  4. traalfaz says:

    Well, come on, post the STLs to Thingiverse.  We’re waiting.

  5. peterblue11 says:

    so straight from the game , yea? how r those inter-dimensional holes workin for ya then?

  6. mccrum says:

    Cave Johnson here.  You are hereby immediately ordered to return Aperture property back to our offices. 

    I promise your complete safety and that you will not be hurt. 

  7. sockdoll says:

    I wanted the gun to be as accurate as possible, so I used 3D printed parts that were ripped directly from the game files!

    Brilliant! We’re definitely living in the future.

  8. I already have the ‘gun’ of my dreams.

  9. planettom says:

    I looked through the links a bit, but couldn’t determine — what kind of 3D printer were these parts made on?

  10. robuluz says:


  11. KapCarl says:

    This is really impressive. You should get together with Chris Myles who has a great video tutorial for 3d printed Personality Spheres from Portal 2.

  12. NikFromNYC says:

     As Rome burns, men be boys.

  13. While the game’s gun was actually scanned from a real portal gun.

  14. This is cool but I dont think this is fully extracted model from the game…..viewing the 3d prints from shapeways

  15. where do you find the model in the game files? I’ve looked but I can’t find it

    EDIT- I found it, but it looks like it’s a .si0 file, and I have no idea how to open it, can anyone help me?

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