D20 fez!


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    A member of the mystic order of the natural 20 takes a moment to pity a passing NPC…

  2. This picture is interesting.  It says to me “If you like this item in spite of the fact Wil Wheaton is wearing it, you are a true nerd and should proceed”.

  3. Snig says:

    Though at cons, everyone with a raygun will grab it, toss it in the air and pretend to shoot it. 

  4. BillStewart2012 says:

    The mere existence of a business like Fez-O-Rama is amazing!

  5. TwilightNewsSite says:

    I am agog.

    Fezzes are cool.

  6. Tom Carlson says:

    Their fezzes are of extremely high quality and worth every penny. I currently have four.

    My father bought me my first one, but got the size tragically wrong. Although they were out of stock for that design in the correct size, they still accepted the return and custom made me one in my size. That’s the kind of customer service that pulls me in.

    They also run monthly contests on Twitter. One of mine was a prize.

  7. EH says:

    I believe that some day Wheaton and Hodgman’s looks are going to converge.

  8. Funk Daddy says:

    Yeah he looks cool in it, looks like a cool fez. Upon a time, and maybe again, but lately I’ve been a bit under dressed for a fez, I’d look like a crappy pencil with an expensive eraser. I spent today in the dirt with the kids at the cottage, came home in time to put a new door on the chicken coop and maintenance the garden a touch. Somewhere there is chicken shit on me, I can’t hack a fez.

  9. dculberson says:

    Inner monologue: “Wow, a fez, that’s nice and geeky.  With a D20 on it?  Double geek!  Wait, is that Wil Wheaton modeling it?  [see image]”

  10. Random_Tangent says:

    I love me some Fez-o-Rama. I think I’m up to six fezzes, now. 

    Somehow, that’s still not enough.

  11. glaborous_immolate says:

    Isn’t wearing a fez if you’re not Muslim like wearing  yarmulke if you’re not Jewish? 

    Or like stealing Navajo designs? Something must be wrong with this somehow!

    • ocker3 says:

       No, the Fez is thought to originally be Greek, it spread to Turkey and thence Eastwards. It was actually part of efforts to secularise the Ottoman Empire, and thus is a secular item of clothing, not a religious one. It’s no more wrong to wear a Fez than to wear a cowboy hat if you don’t rustle cattle.

    • L_Mariachi says:

      The yarmulke itself is not considered a sacred or reserved item, it’s simply a way to symbolically show deference to God. Synagogues typically have a box of yarmulkes by the door for non-Jewish guests; it’s disrespectful not to wear one in the temple.

      I’ll leave you with this: http://www.mazeltops.com/israelhandmade.htm

    • penguinchris says:

      Well, it is perhaps the least-functional of all hats, seeing as how other than protecting a bald person’s scalp from the sun it doesn’t really do anything else.

      • Ramone says:

        Depends on your point of view of “functional”. If your definition extends to “honoring God by not offending him with your vanity” then it works just fine.

      • Gyrofrog says:

        Doesn’t the little pocket of air (between one’s scalp at the top of the hat) help one to cool off? Anyway, I’m told that’s how a taqiyah works. If true, then presumably it’s the same with songkok/peci/kopiahs.

  12. Damn, when did Wil get all rakish and sexy?

  13. Doctor Device says:

    wow… I had no idea such a thing as Fez-O-Rama existed. I would be a customer of theirs, but the fundamental laws of nature require that I look terrible in all possible (or even probable) hats.

    • DreamboatSkanky says:

      I, too, suffer from this affliction.  Often, I’ll see a hat I like, and on purchase, immediately look like a goober.  

      Dreamboat (on discovering a hat he likes):  “Ooh, I like this!  This is the one!  I bet I could pull this hat off.”

      Mrs Dreamboat:  “I wish you would.”

      This same hat, however, always manages to look great on other wearers, such as wife and sons and daughter, and the rest of humanity.

      • Gyrofrog says:

        I’m in a similar situation.  My head is (at least) a size 8.  It’s very difficult to find any hat that will fit around my head, and if it does, then the crown is too short/low.  I did find a nice newsboy cap that fits, but in order to fit it also looks oversized.  But maybe no worse then the gentleman in this photo.

        In addition to all that, my better half insists that brim hats are only suitable for those over forty – then when I reached 40 she raised the age to 50.

  14. Wingnut says:

    Wheaton sporting Will Riker’s chick-magnet beard and Doctor Who ironic-cool fez. Hmmm.

  15. robcat2075 says:

    I recall trying to get an actor to wear a fez for a filmmaking 101 project in college. He would not do it. 

    Apparently the fez has a complicated history.

  16. AnthonyI says:

    I’d join the Shriners just to wear a fez, but I don’t believe in god…

  17. austinhamman says:

    i want one, i’ll be like:
    “its a fez, i wear a fez now, fezzes are cool”

  18. Joe Cache says:

    Wow – thanks for all the link love Mr. Doctorow!

    Enjoy the site everyone, and we’re always happy to chat.  (just mind the llama’s…)

  19. GoatLordMessiah says:

    It’s things like this that make me read BoingBoing, if nothing else.

  20. Øyvind says:

    Wil Wheaton should be cast as a supervillain immediately.

  21. billstewart says:

    A friend of mine gave up on wearing a yarmulke at his father’s burial; it was windy, and if you’re bald, there’s nothing to pin the yarmulke to. (Hmm – that’s supposed to be a followup to a previous comment, but got unattached.)

    • Halloween_Jack says:

       Somebody should have brought some spirit gum (used to attach fake beards on stage, among other things).

  22. ffabian says:

    Those US shops and their insane shipping rates. 33$ to 43$ for shipping to Europe. They probably think everyone outside the US is living in some sort of anarcho-babarian-wasteland that armed messengers are needed to reach their cave-dwelling customers. That’s insane. I bought stuff online from Japan, China, Canada etc. for half of that (shipping).

    I’d like to buy  two of Fez-O-ramas Fezzes but I feel ripped of when the price for shipping could buy me a third.

    • Joe Cache says:

      ffabian:  We feel your pain, honestly.  However, we used to ship standard post but it seemed that some very unscrupulous fellows would hijack the fezzes in transit.  And, after losing many, many fezzes to this lesser shipping method with no tracking, we had to insure that any llama’s and their shipment would get to the new insanely happy client.

      Imagine you’ve ordered an extremely limited edition fez, with signed documentation from someone akin to Mike Mignola, Derek Yaniger, or if we did a collaboration with say… Wil (it could happen!)  Now see the horror of this fez going missing with no tracking and no insurance…   the horror… The Horror!!!

      If you’d like, place an order and leave me a note… I’ll ship it standard post and refund the difference, but I can only send a ‘proof of life’ as it’s handed over to the postal system – after that, it’s a roll of the dice.

      - Joe Cache

      • EvilTerran says:

        I get the impression that the problem with intercontinental surface mail is that you end up with your little box in the hold of a ship with a load of huge crates holding things like kitchen appliances and cars, so it’s rather likely to get lost.

        • L_Mariachi says:

          The little boxes are put into the same size containers as the kitchen appliances and cars. There aren’t stacks of loose parcels on board.

  23. Grey Devil says:

    Incredibly disappointed that they hardly have any fezzes available in red. Lame.

    • Joe Cache says:

       Oh… just you wait!   Jason has a slew of ideas and if you see the ‘Retired’ section, you’ll note that we go about 45/45 Red and Black – it’s just right now, we’re in a black phase.

      Stay Tuned!

  24. Kiddharma says:

    One of the best appearances of a fez in a movie: on the head of Victor Mature in von Sternberg’s “The Shanghai Gesture”…
    I need one. The burnoose would be excellent, too.

  25. Andrew Pam says:

    Didn’t I see that fez in “What’s New with Phil & Dixie”?

  26. Ramone says:

    They also did a d12 (now retired), which is aces in my book. D12 is often passed over for its pologonally ostentatious cousin d20.


    Show some respect, yo.

  27. hmm…wants a matching smoking jacket I think…

  28. Gyrofrog says:

    “No I’m never gonna do it without the fez on

    Oh no

    That’s what I am

    Please understand

    I wanna be your holy man”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I haven’t been able to get this out of my head. You’re welcome.

  29. Culturedropout says:

    “I seem to have underestimated you, Mister Bond…”

    (Take off that suit, oh yes, oh yes, but you can keep your fez on.)

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